Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Salt Meet Pepper

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, April and I went to Pier 1 Imports.  We have this fun tradition that every time we get together we buy a new coffee mug to celebrate.  While we were picking out our favorite ones, I noticed the cutest salt and pepper shakers.  

Sidenote:  I am now going to start collecting them, since my shot glass obsession isn't netting me many.

Here are the ones that I did most my oohhing and aahhing over.

The Cat and the Fish Bowl.  

Cute Monkey with his Banana

Hamburger and Fries.  These would be sooooo cute for an outdoor food gathering.

Two Pea's in a Pod.   That would be me and April.  Her sister commented on my post that when April was little, she was shy and quiet and never said a word.  Hahahahah, believe it or not, I was the same way.  AROUND THE HOUSE.   Whenever my parents went to parent/teacher conferences the teachers would always say I was always the center of the talking group.  Oops.  

I totally want this one.  A charcoal BBQ Grill.  Which looks like.....

this when you take the top off.  How cute is that!

I'll drink to that.  

And this one too.

A newly hatched chick.  Turns into.........

this.  Everyone can say aaahhhh now.

Tune in tomorrow for Part Two of, I HONESTLY CAN'T TAKE HER ANYWHERE.  


  1. OMG! Those are all so funny and adorable!!! The margarita one is perfect as is the beer mug. I may be an alcoholic even though I've given up drinking for the most part--only temporarily though. Don't get excited. HAHAHA!

  2. I think I need to go to Pier One! Those are adorable!

  3. ♥ the monkey humping the banana...thats HAWT!

  4. You would love my mom's house then. Salt and Pepper shakers are all over the place.

    My favorites would be the pepper and the bbq.