Friday, January 20, 2012

What The Frack!

I've been kind of missing my chance to sound off about those things that have made me shout out "What The Frack".  So I'm going to start doing a little meme where you can join along, or not.  Just know that it is there.

Here we go with this weeks entries

Dear Foot

What the frack was up with you deciding to have a little itch fest last night that just wouldn't go away with no amount of scratching.  I was trying to go to sleep.  We were not good friends!!!

Dear Drivers Going Through Construction Zones

We are having a little problem that needs to be discussed.   I, like the rest of you, get tired of the never ending construction season.  I even understand that anymore the cones are put in designs that make you feel like you are driving on an amusement park ride.  What I don't understand, is why you have to almost come to a fracking stop when you are going through said cones.  If you've seen one, you've seen them all.  Not to mention you have seen the workers, their trucks and their porta potties.  Honestly, get a clue.

Dear Cry Baby Sissy Face Manufacturer Rep
I don't have concrete proof, but I think you had a part in getting me fired.  Why do I think that?  Because I stopped being nice to you, when I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were a lying piece of dog poop.  Your WIDDLE feelings got hurt.  Boo-hoo-hoo.  How else can I tell?  Seems rather a coincidence that you took the owner and 2 managers back to a factory, and that weekend I'm fired.  FOR HATING MY JOB.  Guess what fracker, what goes around comes around.  Oh, did I mention that YOUR BOSS loves me.  Maybe I should be sending a little email his way.

Dear Criminal Minds
I don't know what was wrong with your writers on this weeks episode, but what the frack man?  There was only like two whole minutes of my boyfriend.  You really made me super mad.  Honestly, if you aren't going to give him any lines to romance me with, at least have him just do his, no one walks the way I do, walk.  Throughout the whole show.   
*drooling*  I mean really peeps, have you seen him walk.  W.O.W.

Ok, remember, if you feel like joining in, go ahead.  The link will be open through Tuesday Night


  1. Have a frackin sore throat and won't be going to any party today. Hope you read this...
    As for your fracks, frackemall!! Oh, and crashed computers too. I could post on my blog, I'd have a few more. Next time...

  2. Oh frack! I meant If I could post etc. The android tablet is a bit nerve wracking. Think I'll have a nap... Blah!