Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh No She Di'int

Friends, Romans Enemies & Countrymen, lend me your eyes.  

My mind is all a'twitter with thoughts today.  So, being the kind, generous, thoughtful soul that I am, I will be sharing them with you.  

First of all, you really need to go check out Opto-Mom's Unvirtual Reality.  She just started a new blog where she will tell us in her own words all about what is happening in the Reality World.  Right now she is discussing The Bachelor.  I don't watch this show, because well, he makes out with everyone.  Ick.  I don't want to watch that.  But I am IN THE KNOW because I read her blog.  She freaking cracks me up.  Go on over and check her out.  The link I made is for last weeks show.  oh my.  Be ready to LOL.

Moving on
Last summer I took this shot of a cake at our local Smiths (Kroger).  My daughter-in-law was with me and we both gave each other that "look of WTH"?
Whatever it is, I sent it off to the Cake Wrecks website and I'm still hoping they use it.  Because really, there is nothing like a bikini with whip cream and a cherry on top that begs to be eaten.  

Lastly, but certainly the biggest travesty of the day is boyfriend.  Did you know he was on Ellen yesterday.  Did you know that I emailed Ellen begging for her to just have him call me and say, "Hey Baby Girl".  Do you think she did?  NO!  But, oh, he was on her show yesterday.  He came out dancing and pulled his shirt up (be still my beating heart) and then, then, *big sigh* a studio audience beotch woman got to come on down and do a guessing game.  Here it is for you to feast your eyes on.
OMG, did you see that kissing?  I hate her.  OK, hate is a strong word.  Just because she was lucky enough to be in the audience, I'm so, so sad.  *big, huge, tears*

I will forgive you this one time Shemar.  I'm sure Ellen made you do it.  I know you told her "I can't do that to Dazee", but it's her show so her rules.

Just a reminder.  
I Spy is Thursday, with the prompts Date(s) and Your Choice.
What The Frack is Friday.  
Come on over and link on up.


  1. That was an insane kiss. Even I might have been a little weak in the knees. And I thought that cake had an ice cream cone on top

  2. I was in shock that they didn't blur it! That was hot and heavy!

  3. Wow. I just got a little wet down under from that smokin' hot kiss. Tongue and EVERYTHING! Gosh, I'm assuming that neither is married?


    I'm kind of speechless right now.

  4. OH see HELL NO that is why I loathe Ellen.. I would have creamed down both legs with that kiss.. For the love of Christmas.. whew now I need a cold shower..