Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Spy - Rusted

Well, hello there.  So nice of you to drop in to see what the Lovely Christy and myself are up to this week.  

We are once again begging, pleading, asking you to join on up with our photo meme and show us what you got.  Easy rules, we give you 2 prompts every week.
One prompt is something we want you to get photo's of.
The other is Your Choice.  Now how hard can that be.  Not hard at all.  Grab whatever kind of camera you have, snap a photo, and then come on back and link up.  We've even made it easier by giving you a heads-up on what is coming 4 weeks in advance.  We are so nice that way.

This weeks prompt is


This is a photo that I took on my road trip the other day.  It was part of an abandoned mine.

Mr. Dazee and I bought this Chevy Luv in 1979.  That was the year we were married.  You will not believe the stuff he has moved in this thing.  It was his baby.  We had this truck longer than we have had our children.  Crazy
We finally had to put it to sleep.  It just couldn't pass inspection anymore.  And I don't think it had anything to do with the vice grips that were holding the clutch on.  hahaha, that Mr. Dazee, he is such a crafty fella.

It was parked at the place of hell,  oops, I mean the place of my last employment.  We had to have it come towed away.  
Notice on the tow truck it says, "We Buy Junk Cars".  Hey, we made $200 bucks off of it.  It was still a sad moment.  tear, tear

Now on to

I know that some of you get tired of seeing my grandkids.  (and certain trees).  But honestly, I had to snap this shot with my phone.  Miss A was playing around on the couch and her hair was so full of static.  I went to my favorite "fix my photo's" site, Picnik, and chose the "HDR-ish" effect.  It really brought out how staticy (yeah, its a word) it was.

There you have it.  My photo's of the week.  
Next weeks prompts
Remember, I love thinking outside the box, so let your imagination be your guide.

Future Prompts

Dates 1/26/12
Glasses 2/2/12
Road 2/9/12
Shadow 2/16/12

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