Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dazee's Dreamfest

We all know that my blog is called Crazy Daze & Nite Dreams.  I have decided that I am going to do a weekly post on just my dreams.  It's an every night occurrence, movie fest in my head.  If I start dreaming about you, you better watch out.  If you think you are a whiz at what my dreams mean, go for it.  Its going to be a fun ride.

Dream 1
Lately I've been dreaming about my last 2 jobs, together, as if they are one.   I was working with a bunch of women.  Me and one of the other girls decided we would go for a walk.  We headed down the main road and then turned onto a street that was kind of vacant.  A car pulls over to the side of the road where we are just walking by.  There is a young girl driving the car, with a child about 10 to 12 months old.  It is crying.  She is yelling.  Then she is hitting the child.  I decide that I'm getting involved and go over to her and start talking really nicely to her.  I tell her that she looks too young to be driving and she tells me she is 12.  I then say that she should not be hurting the baby, and that I am going to call the authorities.  The baby is still screaming and crying and lifting his arms towards me.  I bring the baby up to my shoulder, start comforting him, and then he throws up all over me.  Then he falls asleep.  I smell.  The police show up and tell me that she is really 16 and that she is known in these parts.  They thank me for calling, child protective services is called and then we are all of the sudden back to work, where everyone telling me I smell.  You think?

I know that the reason I'm dreaming about both my jobs together is because they both let me go after years and years of service.  I feel robbed.  The rest of the dream.  I have no idea.

Dream 2
I was going to a comedy show.  It was early in the morning.  I got out of my car, parked it, and then left my bible sitting on a bench while talking to the morning host of one of the radio stations.  He was in charge of what was going on and handed me a card to get into the show for free on the weekend.  I went inside.  I had a doll in my arms.  I sat down next to a woman and we started talking.   I realize that we are all there supposedly trying out to be on the show.  I have not practiced a 10 minute routine.  I start to panic.  All of the sudden, the doll is a real live baby.  She jumps out of my arms and is running up and down the aisles.  Me and the other woman decide to leave.  We head outside when I see the baby crawling in the street.  Along comes trax.  The train stops, she crawls up to the door and an elderly lady picks her up.  I start to panic.  I can't find my car.  I beg the woman with me to RUN AFTER THE TRAIN to get to the next stop while I find my car and bible.  THE BIBLE IS GONE.  I can't remember what my car looks like.  Finally I find it and drive to the next Trax station.  It is sort of an amusement park/Trax Station.  I am reunited with the woman, but still can't find the baby.  She says that the Trax people say I have to pay for her because they had to make a special stop.  WTH???

I need to write a show for television.  :)  Also, I never carry a bible around with me.  Go ahead, preach away.

So, there you have the first of my weekly series.  From now on I will write down every dream I have for our weekly review.  

Oh, and just so you know, I DO NOT DRINK BEFORE I GO TO BED.  A swig of water with my medicine, but that is all.  So don't be going and blaming it on alcohol.  

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