Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Spy - Remembrance(s)


I have been so excited for this weeks I Spy.  From the moment Christy and I decided remembrances was going to be a prompt, I knew exactly what I was going to do.

First of all, please link up.  It's so easy.  And we've even made it easier by putting future prompts on our pages so you can take photo's earlier if you happen to run into them.  We are so sweet, I can't even stand us sometimes.  :)


In the early 90's,  Richard Paul Evans, wrote this book.  I of course read it, and cried my eyes out.  It was so touching.  He is from Salt Lake where I live.  Because of this book, they decided to put an angel in the Salt Lake City Cemetery where people that have lost children could go and put remembrances of them.  I remember the first time I saw it, I was overcome.  There were so many letters, and pictures on it.  I went up there this past week to capture the essence of it.

The saying on the front is hard to read through this photo, but it says
Our Little Angel

I took this one from a bench they have so you can sit and reflect.  

While we were driving through the cemetery, I spotted another grave marker that I had to stop and see up close.  

This is the grave of a 20 year old boy.  He has a fishing pole, and his dog.  As you can tell, he is reading a piece of mail.

 There is actually old mail in the mailbox.  I love how his loved ones gussied him all up for Christmas.

I know many of you have lost children, and I just want to say, my heart goes out to you.  I can't even imagine the pain that is causes.  


This is a horrible photo, but it was shot spur of the moment, from my car, through a sort of dirty window, from my phone, and the driver was starting to move.  
Look closely
It says

Once in my life, I just want to walk in to a boss, and tell them
"I Quit" while playing the song "Take This Job And Shove It".   
Oh yeah, a girl can dream.

Ok, your turn.  Show us what you got.

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