Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frack, I Might Have To Hurt Someone

Are you ready?  I know that I am.  Grab the Frack button over there and come on back and link up your gripes.  Should be a good time for all.

Dear Teenage Rodeo Champion Dude At Walmart.

Gosh, it was so nice that you ventured up to the Big City.  You and your girlfriend were mighty cute.  Can I just mention one little tiny thing?  NEXT TIME LEAVE YOUR MOM AND DAD AT HOME!!!!  Your dad was fracken obnoxious.  Talking so loud in his pretend British accent.  We could hear him all over the store.  I understand he was so proud of his baby, but really, leave him home.

Speaking of People of Walmart

Dear Mom with your little clicky boots.
What the frack girl.  Walking heel to toe so you could hear the "clicking" of your boots.  Are you still in high school.  Stop it.  Your daughter was embarrassed.  Get over yourself.

Dear Order Takers Everywhere.
I know you are doing your job.  I know that you watched me come in, WITH NO ONE ELSE.  I ordered 6 dollar items and a large fry.  I DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING TO DRINK.  Please, for the love of frack, don't ask me if this is to stay or to go.  You are giving me a complex.  I might look like I can eat all of that, but in reality, no, no I can't.  And if I were going to STAY THERE AND EAT IT, don't you think I would need a beverage to wash it all down.  Sheesh

Dear El Fatto Matto.
I double fracken hate you.  That is all.
(name changed to protect the non-innocent)

Now, on to a really super sad frack.  

Dear Readers
On December 24, 2011, Christmas Eve, this adorable family was hit by a driver that decided to reach down and pick up his cell phone.  Mom and dad were hurt critically, older son had cuts and bruises, and the baby.  Well, he didn't make it.  The media has not mentioned the fracken idiots name that hit them.  I think they fear someone will hunt him down and hurt him.  

I have been following the mom's blog.  She has been writing about everything that has happened, starting with the day of the accident.  My heart goes out to this family.  Here is the link to the first post of the accident.  If you go read it, Please start with this link and work your way through NEWER POSTS.  

Now, I am including the following link that the site that posts about fundraisers and updates of the family started.  

Warning, this shows parts of the funeral of little Colum.  His mom and dad could not leave the hospital due to all their injuries, so it was held in the chapel at the hospital.  It is very powerful, and I have never seen anything like it.  I just thought I would include it so people will realize that when they are driving, they need to know, if they happen to be a stupid fracken idiot, they can and will kill precious little lives.  

Please, always let your loved ones know how much you love them and appreciate them every day of your lives.  


  1. I would NOT want to be El Fatto Matto. Watch out Matto!!! Walmart is my favorite place to see all the weird people out there.

    I know you'll understand when I say this...I don't think I can read her blog.

    1. I've also got boots in my post today.

      Have an awesome weekend.

  2. Maybe I should add the email I received yesterday to your link!

  3. This just squeezed my heart tight.
    I hope they nail that fucker.

  4. Well, of course my fast trying to catch up on blogs trip this morning lands me here with the frackin crap of life:) And you know I love all your frackin posts like this. But after your last one, and now this, I'm all choked up. You know why. So frack it, I'll come back and read your next one. I can't comment on this one....oh, I did huh. See how I am? Later Dazee...xoxo

  5. A) I totally feel the same way about order takers. Usually I buy $20 worth of food and no drinks, hello!

    B.) Holy hell! Now I'm all teary eyed and that's just so sad.

  6. Why in the hell would they hide his name?? I think it needs to be released. I know that God says we have to forgive them and we do, but I think he/she should be allowed to hear the pain their choice has caused. There is NOTHING in your vehicle that is worth removing your eyes from the road. NOTHING. Get OFF the road and retrieve it.. My heart is just breaking that video killed me. My heart and prayers go out to them.

  7. That is so funny! That guy talking really loudly in his fake British accent in an obnoxious way would've driven me crazy, too!