Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Family Christmas Party

It's the week of family togetherness.  

If you are like my family, there is also craziness.  I know, huh, you are all shocked and amazed that I'm not the only crazy one in the family.  I'm just the best.  

*Dear Family, try not to be too upset that I said that, we all know it's true*

There were
Homemade Soups
Homemade Salads
Homemade 7 Layer Bean Dip (yeah, I made it, wipe that shocked look off your face)
Best of all
Homemade Yummyness like this

Snickerdoodles, and Mint Frosting Brownies 

I should have taken a photo of this before the leeches we all got ahold of it.
My sister in law made it and she is invited to make it for me anytime her little heart desires.
 Chocolate Truffle
I call it a major F.O.
Bottom Layer Brownie
Chocolate Truffle (or pudding, or awesomeness)
**wiping drool off my face**

Of course, have you ever been to a family party without the picture taking.  Yeah, you know what I mean.
Don't ya love how I hid myself.  

This next one is just of the sibs.  
Even a better job of hiding.  I rock.

Now, as you can see we are so serious when we have our picture taken. 

But to show you the not so serious side of some members of my family
I have made a little video montage.  

I still can't believe he was singing into a Santa Claus Cookie.

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