Saturday, December 17, 2011

Twas The Party Before Christmas

Jenny Matlock

Jenny is really off on a tangent this week.   She gave us a picture that we are using as our prompt, and we only get 50, yeah, five oh, words to get our point across.  Good thing I've gotten my writing mojo back.

As Morgan walked into the party he was assaulted by a strange smell.  He took out his phone and pressed the speed dial.  “Garcia, I need you to run a check on the name George Duffy.  I think he is our unsub.   I’m emailing you and the team my findings.”

There you have it.  I had to write about my boyfriend Shemar somehow, even tho we aren't allowed to use any other pictures.  (her rules, your disappointment)

Also, don't be eating any meat you see on a Christmas Tree.  You might not know whose body it came from.

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