Thursday, December 8, 2011

That Fracken Time Again.... Oh And Some Shoes.....You're Welcome

My Dearest Christy and Boobies,
It has now reached the end of a long work week.  I have been slaving away looking for and applying for jobs, which in of itself is a big ole fracken pain in my buttocks.  And really, buttocks, who in the hell came up with that name?  Alas, I won't go off on a fracken rant about the joys of job searching but I will thank you both once again, for allowing me to spew my madness.
As Always,
Your Faithful Meme Follower

I can tell you are all anticipating what time it is again.  Well, I will tell you.  

This morning, while you are all having your big wonderful stupendous breakfast, with oh, maybe a big ole glass of milk on ice or a hot cup of coffee or cocoa, here is what I will be having.
Now, don't be all jealous.  I will be sniffing Mr. Dazee's coffee while I drink my water.  I know, you are all thinking to yourselves, but Dazee, how come you get to have that nice looking bottle of water for breakfast?  

It's because I get to go have my lab work done.   Now, stop it.  No need for you to be jealous.  Remember, I don't have the most prominent veins, so they have to take it out of my hand, with that cute little butterfly thingy, that hurts like hell, especially if there is a newbie tech doing it, and wait.  I have to breathe.  

Therefore, after I have that fracken experience out of the way, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be rewarding myself with a stop to Starbucks.  
Because I deserve it.

Now on to some fun stuff.  I know some of you miss it when I don't show you some fun and exciting shoes that I will never wear, but that others of you might just run to your nearest shoe place and buy.  Admit it, it's true. 

I understand that there are a lot of parties going on this time of year.   Me, well, we all know I didn't go from my last Friday's Frack Off.   But there are plenty of you, that are putting on your cute little outfits, and trying to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with them, so me, being the kind hearted soul that I am, have found a few I thought you might like.

I kind of like the above pair.  Would look cute with that little black dress, or in my case, tent.

Now, didn't those just make your season all sorts of bright?

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