Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Spy - Decorations

You guys, guess what?  It's time for I Spy. 
 I know, I can hardly contain my excitement.  It's bubbling over.   You know, Christy, her of My Mad Mind and myself, started this little photo meme, just knowing you all would jump on board.  Slowly but surely, we are getting a following.   Please, show off your photo's.  It's such an easy challenge.  We give you One, Uno, Un, Eins, oh, you get the picture, PROMPT and then you are free to show off a photo of your liking.  Doesn't have to do with the prompt or anything.  How easy is that?

Just grab the little I Spy frog over there on the right, take photos with any type of camera, and show them off.  So, so easy.    

Let us begin.


I've had this Santa for years and years.  He used to move his arm, but many grandchildren have, well you know, played with him till he totally gave up on that.  This year, my grandkids decided that the little reindeer would look cute sitting next to him.  I have to agree.

This next one can count as "Decorations" as there are a few that you can see at the side, or it can count as


I kept pleading, begging,  asking Mr C. to let me get a photo of him with the Santa Hat on.  Oh, he would stand there all wonderful, with the hat on just right, until he heard the click, then he would hurry and pull the hat over his face.  He's such a kidder.

Here is my other choice.  The grandkids have heard of applications for me to download on my iPad so they can play with them.  What?  I spoil those kids.  I have a ton of games on there for me them to play.  Miss L. mentioned the other day that her cousin had CamWow on her iPod.  So we went to the application store and downloaded the fine piece of camera crazy application.

If you were already horrified of my looks, just hurry and scroll past this last photo.  It's s.c.a.r.y.

Oh, you should see some the kids have done.  I will have to do a post someday of how they really look vs their CamWow faces.  Too funny.

Now see, if I can show that above photo of myself, you can certainly show off some of your fine work.  I'm counting on you.

Next weeks prompts.


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