Friday, December 30, 2011

It Could Only Happen To Me

You will totally not even believe what happened to me last night.

We were having a huge electrical storm.  After the power flickered on and off, I decided I needed to unplug my laptop so it would get fried.  I when over to, started pulling out the power cord, and all of the sudden there was a spark.
I swear it was like that, but smaller.  

Because I was pulling out the power source at the time, it "shocked" me.  I thought I was ok, but then I started having a hard time breathing, my arms began hurting and my hands were going numb.  I called my mom and told her she needed to come over and take me to the hospital.   (Mr. Dazee wasn't home at the time).  She kept trying to tell me that I was ok, I was just being a baby.  I finally must have said something that got to her because she hurried over to my place and we headed out to the car.

While we were walking to the car, all of the sudden there was a huge noise.  You know, like metal hitting metal.  We looked up just in time to see a semi truck flying through the air.
It caught on fire.  I told my mom she shouldn't try to go that way because it would take forever to get to the hospital, but she refused to listen to me.  As my arms were blistering up, she drives past the accident and we SEE THE DRIVER GET OUT AND WALK AWAY FROM THE FIRE!!!!!  How he even lived through flying through the air and crashing I will never know.

And then

I Woke Up

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