Friday, December 16, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

I'm having one of those days where my brain is all over the place.  Wait.  That didn't sound quite right.  If my brain was all over the place I wouldn't be able to type all this.  har-de-har-har.  

A couple of weeks ago I spent the afternoon with my daughter.  Part of the time we were picking up her kids from school.  They go to a Charter School.  They don't have your regular, "first one there gets their kids first" type of lines.  So depending on when you arrive you get to park around the school at the place you have told your kids that you will pick them up, or if you are late, then you drive around the school.  

Anywaitinglater, we are sitting there just chatting away, when the bell rings and the kids start coming out.   All of the sudden the woman below jumps out of her car, which by the way is kind of in the middle of the street, gets to the sidewalk and starts, how do I put this, reaming the lady that is the parking place that she wanted.  Good thing I already had my camera out since I was going to get photo's of the kids.  Sorry about the quality, by the time I clicked she was turning to beat the crap out of tell her off.  She used her hands ALOT, and at one point threw 2 fingers up in the air while shouting, "I had to go around the school 2 times".  

Waahhh, get there earlier next time freakoide.  Just sayin.

Moving on.  I do not like the taste of gingerbread, or ginger snaps.  I don't know why, just don't.  I also am a horrible baker of cookies and cakes.  I can admit it.  But I do like to look at some of the awesome things others can do.  

Here are some cool gingerbread houses that I found.  Google images is my best friend.  We are like this *crossing fingers*.  I would want to do ones like these, but like my black thumb when it comes to keeping plants alive, I wouldn't be able to even come close.

There Was An Old Woman That Lived In A Shoe

Is this igloo just the cutest thing

Of course, the Up House.  I can't even imagine the patience this one had to take

How freaking cute is this one.  

This next one is made out of chocolate.  Aaaahhhhh, choc-o-late.  It wouldn't last long at my house

Now, what would a Friday be without some lovely, break your neck kind of shoes? 

I found a couple of pair that were in my favorite color purple.  

There you have it.  A little peek into whats going on in my brain today.

How's your brain doing? *said with my best Joey Tribbiani from Friends voice*

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