Friday, December 2, 2011

What Where You Fracken Thinking?

Alas, it is once again Friday.  The end of a long work week.  All this sleeping in and looking for jobs and vegging the rest of the time is just wearing me out.  bwaaa-haa-haaa.

Join me, as I get a couple things off my chest.  I'm always so grateful for Christy and Boobies for the opportunity.  They pretty much keep me going day in and day out, knowing I can purge that anger that is welling up deep inside of me.

Let the Hunger Games begin.  
(bet ya can't tell what I'm reading)

Dear Fracken Scrooge-Magooge-McHoliday-Frooge.  
Thank you once again for taking away my fun of working.  But I'm over that.  What I'm not over, is tonight is the Employee Christmas Party, THAT I FRACKEN PLANNED!!!!  Will I be participating in the activities?  NO.  Was it going to be fun?  YES!  Did I make the reservation, oh back in June just so we could have the night we wanted, during December,  at the Desert Star Dinner Theater?  Why yes, yes I did.  I'm trying not to have a bad attitude today.    Just one thing I want to say.  May your days be dreary and blight, and may all your Christmas's be a fright.  Booyah

Dear Family Members Of A Certain Father.  
What in the hell were you fracken thinking?  Your father lives with you, has a bad back, DOESN'T DRIVE MUCH ANYMORE and you think nothing of it when he takes the keys for a drive on Tuesday Morning and hasn't returned by the evening?  Oh, goodie, you finally call the authorities.  Didn't you realize he is missing his wife that has been gone for 10 years now?  Don't you think that maybe, just maybe that would have been a good place to  OH, I DON'T KNOW, DRIVE TO.  But the real kicker, that makes me fracken want to go all ninja on you.  The daughter that he lives with, GOES TO WORK THE NEXT DAY EVEN THO HE IS STILL MISSING!!!!  (Dazee, calm down, breathe)   Going to my happy place................and I'm back.

Good thing is, one of his granddaughter's friends, decided to get her butt in a car and drive the hour it took to get to his old home.  He didn't make it to that town.  His car went off the road.  For some reason he got out, and laid down by the front tire of his car.  That is where they found him.  He was still alive, but as a diabetic without his medication, and water, he was in bad shape.  One more night and they think he wouldn't have made it.  This angers me to no end.  There would be hell to pay if he was my father in law.  Yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it, you, you, worthless pieces of dog crap.  


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