Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Spy - Lights

Ho, Ho, Ho.  It's time for I Spy.  Joining me in my hunt for all photos awesome is Christy.  

You know the rules.  Cuz they are super hard.  We give you 2 prompts.  One of those prompts is always "Your Choice".  Makes it easy peesy.  You can use any type camera, you can even pull pictures from your archive.  We are not picky.  We just love to take photos and show them off.  Now give me the coolest Christmas present ever and grab that little I Spy dude over there on the right and come on back and link up.  We don't bite.

I've been getting to know my camera this week.  All the different functions it can do.  And no, it's not an expensive, I look like a professional, it's just a Samsung but point and shoot, but I love it.  


I used the "closeup" function on my camera for this one.  

I loved how the lights surrounded these birds on our tree.

Mr. Dazee hung wreaths like this one on the front of our house.  


The other day, I woke up to a frosted wonderland.  The tree on my neighbors yard was so beautiful, I had to get a photo of it.  

Miss L after going to see the Macy's Santa.  They had someone there doing face paintings.  I think she's the cutest reindeer I've ever seen

To say I'm excited for Christmas and watching my kids and grandkids open presents, is an understatement.  

Next Weeks Prompts


Helpful hint.  You can take photos of what you think after Christmas means.  I know I'm going to be taking tons of "messy" photos.  If you've never joined in before this will be a great week for you to show off some of those funny, crazy, awesome times you had and gifts that you received.

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