Friday, December 23, 2011

Traveling With Children, Oh And Some Shoes

The weekend of wonderment is almost here.  Yee-Haw.  We decided to go down to Thanksgiving Point last night to see the light display they set up.   The best part about this display is that you sit in your car, and drive around their grounds.  Needless to say, they were packed last night.  

According to Mr C, there were 1000 cars in line.  Now, Mr. C is all boy.  We are just minding our own business when he announces that he needs to fart.  His sisters start freaking out.  NOOO, Mr. C.  you can't.  He kept saying, I can't hold it in.  Mr. Dazee brought up the fact that someday, he might have a girlfriend and what's he going to say to her.  "Well, if she's pretty, I'll just hold it in".  Alrighty then, so I guess if she's not, poor thing is going to be gassed out of the car.

He finally announces he really has to do it.  Dazee to the rescue.  "Just roll down your window and get it over with".  

Now, remember, Mr. C is 7, and a boy.  Does he just fart.  NO.  He sticks his butt out the window and lets loose.  OMG.  The car erupted in laughter.  (you've got to wonder what the car behind us was thinking)

Miss L, being the ever older sister says, "Mr. C, you are NEVER going to get a girlfriend".  

Moving on.  
Since a good amount of you are having some kind of celebration this weekend, I thought I would help you out with some cute boots and shoes to wear to your family gatherings.

Now, if your family gathering is a little more, shall we say, FORMAL, here are a couple of cute numbers

Ok, now no breaking of necks while wearing any of these.  You just want to dazzle them with your loveliness.  

Hope you all a great weekend.

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