Monday, December 12, 2011

Five Things I Know You Have Been Wondering About Me

I've been seeing this on a few blogs, and thought it would be fun to do.  Once I got in to doing it, it was freaking hard, but alas, I dung down and did it.

5 things you don’t know about me 
1.  I can wiggle my nose like a rabbit.  Comes in handy when playing stare down.
2.  I am double jointed on my left hand's pointer and middle finger.  Don't be getting all jealous.
3.  I have never gotten a speeding ticket.  (knock on wood) That's 38 years of driving people. :)
4.  In 6th grade I went on a field trip to the U.S. Mint in Denver
5.  If I see a car in front of me that sends off "bad vibes", I will stare at the license plate just in case I need to be hypnotized later to remember it.  Hey, I read crime novels.

5 things I'm knowledgeable about
1.  I know how to cook a mean turkey.  Not mean as in, you are a rat, just moist, and scrumptious.  (at least that's what my kids tell me)
2.  I can fix/unjam any printer, fax, copy machine around.  Heck, I should have put that on my resume.
3.  Spelling.  when I was a senior, I had to take a "special" English class because I failed the test to see how smart we were.  I was devastated then, but now, I'm really glad.
4.  Remembering things that people tell me.  Even if it was years ago.  I may not remember their name, but I will remember their face and their deep dark secrets.  But never fear, their secrets are never revealed to anyone else.
5.  How much fun it is right now looking for a job, being an older woman.  Yeah, it's a blast.

5 things I know nothing about
1.  How to build a rocket ship
2.  Most math.  I know basic.  I know how to use a calculator.  Throw that other crap stuff at me and I suck. Don't even get me going on story problems!!!
 3.  How to draw.  Me and stick figures do just fine, thank you very much
4.  Names of tree's, plant's and flowers.  Truly, my answer will be, they are green plants, and red flowers (ok, I know a rose and carnation).   
5.  Names of songs and the artists that sing them.   I know if I like "said song" but, I would have never made it on the show, "Name That Tune". 

5 things I believe
1.  What goes around comes around, and when it comes around, I want to totally be there.
2.  That when we are put in situations, we need to learn from them, because someday, you will be able to help someone else that is going through the same thing
3.  That we are a product of our environment.   That puts a lot of pressure on us to be good roll models
4.  That I will meet my mother and father in law when I go to the great beyond
5.  That I was drawn to blogging because I was meant to become friends with people that I would have never have met otherwise.

Phew.  That was a lot harder than it looked.  Perseverance, another thing I'm good at.  :)

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