Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Because I Like To Keep You Informed

In my continuing quest to help you with things that are very important for you to know, I happened upon the following.

What the Insurance Companies Really Don't Want Us To Know.

I know, right.  I always thought your car was either towed away or you just kept driving it while waiting to get enough money for your deductible to get it fixed.  Apparently we have been misled.  All we have to do is wash the darn thing.  Who wudda known.

Sunday night, in the movie theater that is called Dazee's Brain, I had this dream.  Mr. Dazee and I were at a preseason game for the Utah Jazz.  
Sidebar:  You all know how I feel about the poor, pitiful, underpaid NBA players.  The big cry baby sissy faces.
Anyweirdnesslater, we are sitting there when the President of the Utah Jazz, Randy Rigby, announces over the jumbotron.
"It is my extreme pleasure to announce, that the new Head Couch for the Utah Jazz is"


And the crowd goes wild.  I look at Mr. Dazee in amazement.  It reminded me of a movie that I like, Eddie, with Whoopi Goldberg.  If you watch this clip, that is totally how I would be.  No really, I would.  Ask my family.
of course, this clip is before she is made the head coach.  But you see what I mean.

Now, quit your laughing, it could happen.  Or not. :)

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