Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Spy - Maps

Welcome to Thursday, day of the fabulous, world famous meme, I Spy, hosted by none other than The Maddest Of Minds, Christy and Myself.  

We give you one prompt and the other is your choice.  We are getting a few people at a time joining in.  I know, some of you are just a teensy bit scared, but don't be.  We all love to take pictures.  We just want you to join in and show them off.  We are nice, we don't bite.  So head on over to the right there, grab the little I Spy button, and link on up with us.  We are having a blast.

I printed off some maps of a few places I need, have to, want to go.  Why these?   Because there are bloggers that I just want to meet.  If you look close, I've made a little dot on SOME of the States that I want to visit.  Then, when I become really rich and famous, I will be able to afford airfare to Canada, England and South Africa.  You all know who you are.  Someday, somehow, someone will step up to you and say, SMILE, I am Dazee Dreamer.  :) 

This photo was shot really fast with my cell phone.  Mr. C, being very much a boy, was having, how should I put this sweetly, a gas problem.  And by problem, it was mighty stinky.  Miss A was not in the mood for it, said, "Mr. C, you are so gross",  ran right downstairs to her place, grabbed the Fabreeze, and came into my office, spraying like a girl on a mission to rid the world of stink.  What a nut.  

Ok, now it's your turn.  Show us what you got.  

Next weeks prompts.

Your Choice

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