Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Spy - Trees


It's time to link up your photos for this weeks I Spy.  

Come join in the fun with Christy's Mad Mind and me, Crazy Dazee.  Grab the code over there on the right, and link on up.  Not very many rules.  You take the photo's, and use any type of camera.  We only give you one prompt that we will all try our hand at, and the other is your choice.   See, easy mageasy.  

This is a tree that I see everyday out my kitchen window.  It resides at the neighbors house behind us.  The color of it was so breathtaking to me.  One thing about photo's, unless you are good like Christy, I can't bring them to life.  But then, I have my friend Picnik that lets me take a photo and do different things with it.

This photo is just using the feature Auto-Fix.  It brightens up the photo.

Same photo, but I used the Night Vision effect

Same photo yet again using Lomo-ish.  I'm so weird, I don't even know what that word means.  I think it means, brighten up and bring out colors even more.  

My Choice

This is a photo I took at Taipan Trading.   This store has everything your little heart desires.  One department is nothing but mirrors.  

I loved this mirror the moment I laid my eyes on it.   No, we didn't buy it.  But if there had been a place in my home for it, I would have.  It was just so inviting to me.  And really, I don't like mirrors.  Or should I say, they don't like me.  I never stop to check myself out.  Frankly, it scares me.  :)

I used a frame in Picnik that was called Mirror.  I found it appropriate for this photo.

Looking forward to seeing what you all got.  

Next weeks prompts

Your Choice

Remember, let your imagination be your guide.  You can do literal photos or something off the wall.  I'm actually kind of excited for the map I'm going to use.  

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  1. I actually use the lomoish setting a lot. I love the way it brings out colours....and makes it
    Look dreamy.