Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things I'm Thankful That I Learned

How in the heck are all of you doing?  Me, you ask.  Couldn't be better.  Well, this snot that keeps building up inside my sinuses TMI could take a hike, but other than than, I'm cool.  

I want to help you all out with a few things I have learned decided that I really need to start doing in my future job.  

A:  Always, always, always, take my sick days.

I've been under the delusion that if you are a model employee and go to work even if you are sick, that you will be noted for it.  Nope, not so much.  Better to take those sick days, mostly on Monday's, and use them all up.  

B:  Take All Of My Vacation Days
If not more.  Especially if you are salary, and you are given 2 weeks, but hell, why not take 4 or more.  Don't worry, I never did.  Heck I still had some to use.  But I know of a few people that did.  But heck, they were men and respected.  (and by respect, it means because they had that male appendage)

C:  Hurry And Find Another Job That Offers Better Health Benefits
What a joke cobra is.  But then, a lot of people don't think that there are some of us that need help with health insurance.  Oh wait, that is the 1%, my bad.  Cobra would be great if you only had to pay, say $100 a month.  But no.  You can stay on your insurance plan by paying THE WHOLE PREMIUM.  In my case, that would be One Thousand Twenty Five Dollars (1025) a month please.  WTH.

Here is my exact conversation with the insurance dude yesterday.

ID:  Hi, I just needed to go over some stuff with you.
ID:  This is the information on cobra.  You will be covered on your premium through the end of December.
DD:  Sweet
ID:  After that, if you want to stay on Cobra you will have to pay the whole premium at the above mentioned price.
DD:.  Right, because when you are jobless, you have that kind of money to throw around.  Lets see, do we make a house payment or an insurance payment.  hmmmmm.  
ID:  (got really quiet and indignant) Well, that is what it is.  I'm sending you the paperwork that you need to get back to us ASAP.  
DD:  Gotcha.  Thanks for calling.

The plan we were on.  One of those You have to pay a huge out of pocket deductible ($3000) before they will even start paying 80%.  Now, lets do the math. 
$1000 a month for the premium x 4 months say = $4000
It takes about 4 months for me to reach the $3000 because I'm diabetic and have insulin and other organ saving pills I have to take. = $3000

That's right, $7000 by April out of pocket.  What if I don't find a job by then?  Hmmm, too bad so sad.

But you know what.  I will find a job.  Someone is going to jump at the chance to hire me.  I have a truly positive attitude, I make friends wherever I go, and I make it to work everyday, usually early.  Who wouldn't want me.  

And that is why I'm thankful today.  Because I am going to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends.  This is not going to win me.  

Because in the words of Stuart Smalley

One more thing.  I hope you all have been taking photo's for the I Spy Meme tomorrow.
Remember, it is
Let you imagination be your guide.  Just wait till you see mine.

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