Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's Talk Shoes

A Daft Scots Lass

I sure haven't done a Shoegasm in a while.  So I was shamed by Baby Sister, decided that it was about time.  

Let us begin.  Just remember, I am a clutz-butts so I could not ever wear these shoes.  Give me flat shoes, or give me death.  No really, it's not a pretty sight with me falling all over the place.

Very cute.  I'm thinking could go with a dress or pants.  

Same here.  Oh, to be young and stupid and not a dork. 
Don't those look so warm and cozy.  Aaahhhh.  I bet I couldn't get them over my instep tho.  Drats.
These are more my style.  Flat, sheepskin, warm, keep out the snow, kick co-workers, stylish.  

And now, a couple of just because, and Oh My Gosh, to make your day.
Is it a boot, is it a shoe,, is it a.............
So, so, so freaking cute.  Remember a few shoes up how I mentioned if I was.  Yeah, these would definitely be in my closet.

What would be in your closet?

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