Friday, November 25, 2011

Frack.....What Happened Here??

The Day after.  I survived all the cooking.  My feet were killing me.  The homemade banana cream pie was fantabulous.   Naps were taken.  Love was all around.  It was a good day.

Don't worry your pretty little heads.  I haven't forgot the wonderful day of the week where I get my frack on.  Giving thanks a day late and a dollar short to Christy and Boobies for hosting.  

Mr. Dazee and I were traveling down the road, trying to loosen our load, when we happened upon, car after car after car on both sides of the freeway.  I think I counted at least 12.  There were also UHP troopers there as well.  We kept thinking that there must have been an accidentay but they didn't have the lanes blocked.  That was when we noticed that they were all changing their......
Yup.  Some fracken idiot must have lost a load of something on the freeway that caused the major blowout.  I hope they find the person, and hang them by the short hairs.  What?  They fracken deserve it!!!!

You have all heard about my dear, sweet, cwauson from Podunk Idaho.  Her little family is in the big city for Thanksgiving weekend.  She hurried through her dinner so her and her sister-in-law could go get in line at R.C. Willey, a local Furniture and Electronic Store.  Needless to say, I got a Text telling me that they were the first 2 in line.  What is so important for them to be there, on Thanksgiving at 3 PM.  Well feast you eyes on this

I might've joined them if well, you know, I hadn't been fracken fired.  So alas.  The first 10 people in line are the lucky ones.  Of course, she is going to be one, cold little gal by tomorrow.  But all I can say is, more power to her!!!!

Speaking of power.   Does anyone know where I can fracken get one of these kits?

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  1. We both got the T.V's! Whooooo hoooooo! We froze our butts off but it was worth it. :)