Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Spy - Up


I spy, with my good eye, a bunch of people linking up to our photo meme this week.  (it's called positive thinking people)  Christy and I, formally request your link ups.  With white cake and peppermint frosting on top.  Who can say no to that?

Herein are the rules.  Grab the little I spy guy over there, get your groove blogging on and come back here and link up.  Thousands of people are anxious to see what you got.  Remember, we only give you one whole prompt, and then you can do any photo of your choice.  So easy even my 4 year old granddaughter could do it.    And she has a little crayola camera that she goes around shooting photos.  See, we don't even care what kind of camera you use.  Just shoot it, post it, link it.  What's scaring you?

Now, let us get on with the show, shall we.

See the little heart UP on the top of my tree?  Little Miss O made that for her grammie because she wanted to show me that she loved me, with all the stuff that has been going on the last week.  Have I mentioned, I love my grandkids!!!  I think it deserves it's rightful spot.

One more.
This is the UP house that was built for the Salt Lake County Parade of Homes.  The builder had to get permission from Disney to even attempt it.  Is it so cute or what.  And I can say, I was there.  Well, I was across the street, but still.  


Miss A is back at it again.  Last year after we put out the Nativity Pieces, she would change them up everyday.  This year, as you can see, her little unicorn has joined in the fun.  What, you don't believe in Unicorns?  Tsk, Tsk.

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  1. I love the Up house. That is cool. And I was never told that unicorns weren't at the nativity.