Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Spy - Chairs

It's time.  Yeah, that one time, that time that comes every week at this time.  What time is that, you ask?  
Why, it's I Spy time, brought to you by The Maddest Of Minds, Christy, and myself.  

Now, I am seeing that a lot, dare I say, most of you are afraid to join us.  We are so easy, honestly, if we were any easier, we would be a raw egg.  Get it, easy, as in over easy, oh never mind.

You know the rules, take the one prompt we give you every week, and then pick anything you would like and show it off.  It can be from any camera, as long as it was you taking the photo.  Grab the little I Spy link over there on the right, and then link on up.  

Now listen, if by chance one week we give you a prompt that you just can't take a photo of, join up anyway, with your choice.  See, how easy is that.  

Ok, ok, I'll stop the pressure tactics, and get on with my photo's.


This is by far my favorite vegging chair.  It's so nice to just curl up in it with a good book and a nice cold coke zero on ice.  It has also been known to make me fall asleep in it.  It's that comfy.

Now, while I was shooting the photos, I've been incorporating the advice of others that have told me to take a ton of photo's of the same thing, because then you have a lot more choices to chose from.  Here is my comfy chair, just sitting there, looking all regal and stuff.
And here is the du-du-du-du photo.  I am sitting in the same spot, clicking away not noticing anything until I upload them onto my computer.  
Do you see those orbs?  Yeah, I've watched Ghost Hunters and other shows like that.  It was a little spooky when I saw them.  I have to admit, it is kind of freaky to me.

Moving on.

This is the last full moon that we had.  It was such a good looking moon.  It was huge, and bright and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  I snapped this when I got to work.  It was still dark at 7 in the morning.  
(no werewolves or vampires were harmed by me taking this photo)

Ok, show me what you got.  

Next weeks prompts


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