Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Call That A Fracking Medium?

Oh, Friday.  The day of day, joy of joy, end of the week love of my life.  I can make it the 9 more hours of work until my weekend begins.

Of course, I'm joining up with our wonderful hosts, Christy and Boobies for my flip-offs of the week.  

First off I'm starting with Judge William Adams that beat his daughter.  You can read the article here.  I became sick to my stomach reading the newspaper article.   I could not bring myself to watch the video.  I have extreme hatred for those that abuse children, adults or animals.  I hope and pray that this JUDGE gets put in prison.  If you can stomach abuse, you can see the video here.  I will not watch it.  I've just heard it is extremely awful to watch.  So a big ole Frack You to Judge William Adams!

Now on to less painful, but still on my list of crap of the week.

To The Fracking Driver Of This White PPC Truck
What the hell dude.  It was an accident.  Yes traffic was at a crawl.  Yes you were in the HOV lane with me behind you.  At least we were in the lane that was moving the fastest.  When you pass the accident and it is smooth sailing, STEP THE FRACK ON THE GAS.  I'm about to run into you.  And if you are stupid enough to look in your side mirror at me, you are going to get the Dazee hands of "what the frack" and me saying, "move it fracker".  Yes, I moved over so I could pass you going 50 freaking miles per hour.  Then 2 miles down the road your passenger has the audacity to give me the finger as you FINALLY catch up to me.  Do you know what happens to people like you?  Blog of shame mister, blog of shame.  
Oh and the WTH.  Santa is arriving at the mall on November 12th.  Wow.  I remember when he didn't show up until the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  *shakes head*.

To My Fracking Brain
Be advised that the women's restroom key WILL NOT unlock your car door.  Nuff said.

To The Lazy Fracken Person At The Gas Station 
This is your piece of gum.   That is the trash.  Are you so lazy that you couldn't have spit thrown it in the trash.  Oh wait, yes, apparently you are.  May you step in a 1000 pieces of gum during your lifetime.

Dear Fracken Wendy's
I remember when you use to could buy a MEDIUM frosty and it was the same size as a medium drink.  Do not try to pass this small piece of cup off as "medium".  I can do without the fancy plastic cup.  And furthermore, if you are going to rip us off, fill the sucker to the top of the plastic lid.  Honestly, when a girl is craving a chocolate frosty, size does matter!!!!!

Phew.  Relief.  Let the weekend begin!

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