Monday, November 14, 2011

The Big Bully Called Me A Wuss

The weekend has ended.  Much too fast for my liking.  But it was such a great weekend.  Saturday, I was able to meet another blogging buddy.  Vicki from Just Call Me Jake.
It's amazing how much we had in common.  Starting with our hatred of wearing coats, and our love of flip flops.  We made the poor dude that seated us shiver because it was trying to snow and we were coatless.  Big Baby.  

We had heard that there was supposed to be a big snow storm.  We decided to play it by ear.  I woke up, looked out the window, knowing I would have to drive around a mountain to where we were going to meet.  I sent her an email, because, she's a big dork and doesn't text, and this is what it said.

"Call me a wuss, but I hate driving in unpredictable icky weather.  Can we make it another Saturday"?  
To which she replied.

Ok fine! You're off the hook this week. I understand...somewhat. But that's cause I've lived in the mtns most of my life and flip the finger at snow:)
I won't be here next weekend and the one after is Turkey time, so we'll just figure out another day, no biggie.
Now go find your blankie, stick your thumb in your pouty lil mouth and wait for summer:)
(she so thought love and kisses was going to help)

It was on like donkey kong!!!!

 "You are a big meanie. Its on like donkey kong sister. We are going to meet today whether you want to or not. 
 Now tell me where you want to meet, a time, and bring your weapon of choice!"

"Haha.  That's because you were being a bully.  And only wusses are afraid of texting.  BAM!  Oh and looky here, I can text and email at the same time from my phone."

And then she had the nerve to call me

So she got a photo of me, being my normal self.
(good heavens, look how old my hands are looking)

This was our cute waitress Lizzie.  She was so much fun.

We went to Applebee's.  Got the 2 for 20 deal.  And then Lizzie decided that we HAD to share some dessert.  Honestly, that girl was twisting our arms something fierce.  We decided on the hot chocolate chip cookie with ice cream.  She added an extra scoop. 

And as you can see, we almost ate the whole thing. :)

This is all three of us.  Yes, Lizzie became our little sister.

We told her to split the bill in half so this is what she did.  The nut.

I have to tell you, Vicki was a riot.  Her hair is soooooo long.  Almost to her waist.  And she is older than me.  Shocking I know.  She's the first one of my blogging friends to be older.  Anylonghair, we were talking about being cremated vs being buried in a casket.  (I know, huh).  She said she was going to be cremated, but first she was going to have a viewing and she was growing her hair out long so she could be all Lady Godiva in her casket.  I think I might have snorted some of my pepsi out my nose when she said that.

We spent 3 hours just chatting and eating and getting to know each other.  It was so much fun.  

And Shhhh, don't tell Mr. Dazee, (Hi Honey, I know you are reading this), but I'm making plans to go back east in the spring.  I've got a group of bloggers friends that I'm going to go meet come hell or high water.  I'm going to have to be super nice to him.   Nice comments to him will help.  wink wink.

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