Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter. Another dream from about 6 months ago. You know they are a doosey if you still remember them vividly this long after.

I dreamed that I took my 3 kids to Colorado Springs to show them where I lived as a kid. Just me and my kids. No husbands, wives, or grandkids. We get there, but decide to stay in a small town outside of Colorado Springs. No name, just some fictitious town in my dream.

But wait, they are having a clown convention. All sizes of clowns were there. I especially remember a very, very tall clown. One so much taller than any of the tallest buildings there. This clown was walking down the street, shooting tennis balls out of a tennis ball shooter type gun. All different colors. Oh, I wanted a purple one so, so, so bad. He finally gets to my family and all that is coming out of his gun are the plain, ole, yellow ones.

I was a little upset, so I told my kids we better go find a place to stay for the night. I know, good luck, clown convention and all. Everywhere we went, sorry, no room in the inn. Finally, we see a warehouse type looking place. Maybe they will just let us sleep in there for the night.

Oh my, we get inside and it is the coolest thing we have ever seen. This big, gigantic warehouse is full of school buses. We go to the front desk, and ask if they have a room we could have for the night. Sure, they say, we have a few buses left.

You read that right, our "room" was going to be in a school bus. But they were the most extravagant rooms you have ever seen. And they even had showers in them. I know, there are custom buses out there, but a school bus. I was in heaven. (and judging from the picture I found, apparently you can do about anything with a school bus).

We get all our stuff settled and decide to go out for a walk. We walk down the street. There is a huge, Vegas type hotel. It has an empty parking lot. Why, because they all wanted to stay at the School Bus Hotel. There is a rumbling noise, we look down the street and all these "gremlin" type creatures are stampeding towards us. We start running for our hotel, and, and, and!

I wake up. Clowns and school buses. Hmmmm

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  1. hahaha! WOW! Purple, buses, clowns, showers, Colorado wacky (no good Varley kids. ;) Just had to add that!

    Love this post mom, good job!