Monday, April 19, 2010

Ode to my Hubby

The other day, me and the hubby were driving to our local Lowes to look at trees for the yard. While we were driving, out of the blue he says, "you will be glad to hear that the air compressor is now working". I look over at him and say, it wasn't working? Apparently it wasn't. But low and behold, now it is.

My husband cracks me up. He has a love/hate relationship with all things men. You know, air compressors, wet/dry vacs, anything that doesn't have feelings or is "alive". So apparently he was trying to get it started after sitting in storage for 6 months. Darn thing, didn't want to work. I am the first to admit, I have no idea about how to make these things work. I didn't know that you had to put oil in a lawn mower, or what it takes to get a snow blower "winter ready". He on the other hand, is very much the Tim Allen aka Tim Taylor on Home Improvement. There hasn't been one thing that I have found that he can't do. This is extremely opposite from my own dad. So when they say that girls marry men like their fathers, ummmm no, not this girl. And that makes me very happy. But I digress.

Do any of your husbands/boy friends get so mad at the object of their affection, say, the air compressor, that when it's not cooperating, he'll make it work, whether it wants to or not. Imagine this, hubby, with his wrench, hitting the compressor, swearing like a sailor. Telling it off. I once saw him get so mad at the wet/dry vac, I began hysterically laughing. Note to self. Don't do this. It makes him madder. Especially when I start spouting things like, "yeah, throw that wet/dry vac out the door, it's crying inside". "It's hurting you more than you are hurting it". And my favorite comeback from him, "it knows it pissed me off and I will always win". haha hehe. Alrighty tough guy, it knows you are boss. Oh, and does this mean we now have to go buy a new one?

After I got done giggling, I told him that this story would make a great blog. He said, just don't say it was me. Say something like, "we were driving down the street when I saw a guy beating the crap out of an air compressor". Oops.

We were driving down the street the other day, when I saw this guy.........


  1. LMAO That's hysterical!! I would rib my hubby the exact same way...if he were handy like your hubby. xD Thanks for the giggles! =)

  2. He he he.......Men- gotta love em! :)

  3. I think he threw the vaccum down the stairs once?? Or the wet vac? Not sure which. But yes, been there when he's gotten mad at these machines. He's like the terminator! hahahahah! :)

  4. Hm. While my man can fix things just fine, I've found that he usually takes the long way around the task and makes a big mess. I can do it faster and with less fuss. Now he's the one that cheers me on when I install a toilet, wire a new light fixture, or take the vacuum apart to see why it's not sucking like it should.

  5. Quick, change your URL so he won't find out!