Thursday, April 22, 2010

Conversations with Mr. C

This is my grandson who I will call Mr. C
He is all things dinosaurs. He will be 6 in two weeks. This little guy has the most profound conversations with me and his bapa. (bapa being the name our grandkids call grandpa).
Mr. C is in afternoon kindergarten. My daughter and her family live in the apartment in our basement. Today bapa was giving mom a break from driving him to school because it's a 25 minute drive to and from the school, 4 times a day. They didn't want to pull the kids out of school when they moved in. They will go to the school by us next school year. The following is the conversation they had.

bapa, how many bullets would it take to kill a dinosaur?

hmmm probably 4 or 5.

would he die if you shot him in the body.
Probably Not.
Where would you have to shoot it if it didn't kill him if you shot it in the body?
probably to the head, most likely in the eye.
and in his wiener or bum? (where the heck did this question come from?)
How many bullets from a machine gun would it take to kill a Spinosaurus? A T-Rex?
It would only take one to kill a raptor, cuz their not very big, bapa.
Could an atom bomb kill a T-Rex?
Could an atom bomb kill a Spinosaurus?
Could an atom bomb kill a 100 T-Rexes?
Could an atom bomb kill Godzilla, cuz he's the biggest dinosaur.
Could an atom bomb kill everyone in the world? This question makes me sad. Just sayin.

I love Mr. C. I had this conversation with him one day.
Grammie, do you know what I want to be when I grow up?
Nope, what.
I want to be a scientist.
That doesn't surprise me, that would be cool.
yeah, cuz did you know they make 1000 dollars a week. Thats alot, huh grammie.
Yeah, that is alot. I think you would be a really good scientist.
And I want to have 2 jobs. I want to be a scientist and a race car driver.
Wow, a race car driver too. Why do you want to do 2 jobs?
Cuz I want to do both and make lots of money. Adults can have 2 jobs if they want grammie.

Mr. C. he loves money. His little eyes light up when he gets some. I hope he never loses his zest for knowledge.


  1. Awww...what a cute personality! If he makes all that money, he'll have to beat the ladies off with a stick!

  2. That was the cutest post EVER! OMG talk about 101 questions whenever taking him to school! Sometimes I hear the crickets when he gets out of the car and I'm driving home alone! haha! We went over atomic bombs the other days. I think it was on Godzilla. He asked if it kills people and I had to tell him yes. He sure is growing up fast!

  3. Little ones are the best to make you stop and really wonder what the heck goes on in their little minds! He does sound like a very smart boy!