Friday, April 9, 2010


I made a stop to the liquor store today. First of all, I live in Utah. We have to go to a state run store to get it. And we have to go from 11 am to 7 pm, because the fine, outstanding, never do wrong legislature has decided to pass a law that those are the fine hours of business. Did I mention our fine, outstanding NEVER DO WRONG, legislature? Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack, was arrested in January 2010 on a DUI. What? How can this be. Drinking in Utah? By him. No Way. (Sorry, got sidetracked)

Be that as it may, I have been in a liquor store, one time before. Yes, I'm 52. This was my second trip. Scary thought huh. I have led a sheltered life, but am now on my way to adulthood. (This will scare my family members, but hey, they might as well find out here, right). I headed over to the cheap wine section. My youngest son brought wine to our Easter dinner. I found it really tasty. I decided hey, I'm grown now, I can do what I want. I found the wine that he brought, thanks to his drawing about where in the store it would be, got 2 bottles, because you know, might as well, I'm there. I go stand in line. Young guy in front of me "forgot" his ID. Oh well, sales clerk says, "what year were you born", he spouts off 1974, she says, it better be, rings him up, and voila, off he goes. She scans my 2 cheap bottles of wine. And says, "I need to see your ID" What the? Do I look like I'm 21? My sons last words to me before I left work were, don't worry, you won't be carded. hahaha. Was he ever wrong. So, trying to get that "man, I feel stupid" feeling out of the way, I sad, "sure, thanks for asking, I must be a young looking 52 year old woman" Or, maybe she just thought, I bet this is only the 2nd time this woman has been in a liquor store. Yeah, that's what it was. Watch me squirm. It even had the sign warning me, HAVE YOUR ID READY. I thought about it, but didn't because I know I look older. Maybe I needed to have my capris on so she could have seen my tattoos. (whole other story). Maybe I should have had on a different shirt, showing my cleavage. Not the blue number with the 2 birds on it, that I threw on this morning.

I still can't decide if this is bothering me or funny. hmmm, maybe I should go have a glass of wine!


  1. GOOD FOR YOU! For being a real, honest person and allowing everyone (family included) to know the REAL you! I ADMIRE you for this post, and for keeping it real mom! Love you lots! PS Enjoy the wine, it's good stuff! ;)

  2. Love it!!!! You crack me up!

  3. Hi Dazee! Great story! I'd be like you - is this funny or should I be bothered by it?!
    Nice meeting you!