Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Welcome back to another edition of Dazee's Dear Letters.  Where I write a letter to those that either need to be yelled at, or those that deserve an atta-boy.

Dear Self Scanners At My Local Smiths Food Store (Kroger)
(yes, I know this is the picture from the ones at Home Depot, shut up)
I am a woman of the 00's.  (that's the 2000's for you that don't know my lingo).  I'm all about using the scanner if it is going to save me time.   But could you please have your little computer lady speed it up.  By the time she tells me to put in my "alternate ID number" I have already done so and made sure it took it.  This is not my first time at the rodeo, dear scanner.  I know the rules.  If you are buying produce, PUT THE CODE IN FIRST, then put the item on the weigher thingy.  Don't be 3 steps behind me.  I also saw the , skip bagging little touch thing so I pushed that so I could throw gently put the watermelon in the basket.  Don't be getting all huffy and telling me that the Cashier has been notified.  I'm lightyears ahead of you.

Also, don't get your panties in a wad when Mr. Dazee puts his keys down on the area where you bag your groceries.  "Remove item that you did not scan from the bagging area".  Really, Sherlock.  It's his keys.  He was trying to get out his debit card.  But ok, they are now off.  

One last thing.  I was already scanning the card, putting in my pin, telling it I wanted cash back, before you "realized" that we were done and were trying to tell us what to do next.  
In other words, poop or get off the pot.  I'm not waiting around for your slow butt.

Dear Miss A.
Thank you so much for the conversation we had on Saturday.  When we were playing "I Spy".  Mr. C said, I spy something brown, and bapa said, Miss A's hair.   You were right there to point out that your "underneath hair" was brown.  When bapa asked, what color is your on top hair, your told us it was
Yes, dear Miss A, it is going banilla in the sunlight. 

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