Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eek, It's A Mouse

Today's homework assignment by Miss Jenny is brought to you by the letter

Whatever could I come up with that is not your normal M subject?  First I thought maybe MUNCHIES.   Naw.  Then I thought McDONALDS, but I'm saving that for tomorrow.   How about MAILMAN, MUSIC, MOM, MONSTERS OR MAYHEM?  Nope.  I have decided on something that is very close to my heart, and not in a a good way.

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A Morbid Fear Of Mice

Well, I'll be damned, that would be me.

I am terrified of mice.  Like scream, run in place, heart palpitations, and truck driver swearing.  Mr. Dazee is always trying to tell me that I am a big monster to those wee little mice.  Yeah right.  This is how it looks when I see a mouse.
Do you see that?  That mouse is a monster.  I can hardly stand even looking at the picture.  My stomach just did the ole "roll like I'm on a roller coaster" feeling.

Where does this stem from?   I know that it comes from my childhood.  One day my mom sent me down to the basement, that wasn't finished, where our "pantry" was, to get a can of something.  I stepped onto a flattened cardboard box, and a mouse ran out from under it.  Scared the crap out of me.  I wouldn't go back down into the basement after that.

I posted about a horrible mouse adventure when I first started blogging a year ago.   Check it out, or not.....

I want you to know, that I've tried being a big girl.  This past winter, when the mice were abundant again at work, I was on the phone with Adam in our corporate location, when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a mouse.  (darn that good peripheral vision).  As I'm screaming into his ear, "THERE'S A MOUSE IN MY OFFICE", he is laughing his butt off, and I've practically jumped up onto my desk.  I was hyperventilating.  I started crying.  Then the rat named Adam, sent me a video of a ton of mice running around.  Yeah, Adam, I'll get you back one of these days for that.  But I digress.  I finally stood up, walked around my desk, was heading out my door, when that damn mouse ran right in front of me and out the door.  As I ran in place screaming, FINALLY, the boys came running to the rescue.

Do you know how hard it was for me to even go back into my office?  I actually left early that day.  I got so sick to my stomach.  Didn't want to go into the office the next day.

Dr. Phil would tell me I need to confront my phobia.  Guess what Dr. Phil?  There's no way in hell I'm going to be stranded in a room full of mice to "OVERCOME" the fear.  Did you not see the Criminal Minds episode that the bad dude was supposedly "helping" people overcome their phobias, by doing just that, and killing them by way of that phobia.  Yeah, thanks but no thanks.  (even tho, I know that my boyfriend Shemar would come through and save me).

There you have it.  I now have to go wash my eyes out to get the picture of me and the mouse out of my head.

And why can't I get this freaky song out of my head?

Jenny Matlock

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