Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life Begins...........

Happy July 7, 2011

Our assignment today from Miss Jenny is the letter L.  What a fine day for this assignment to come due.  

Because, 54 long, years ago, my mother gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.

Dazee Dreamer

My LIFE began on this day.  
Mom was laying around, wondering if the large belly of hers was ever going to be gone.  It was a Sunday.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, a bright light shone above. (wait, that was just the delivery room light) my bad.

Mom went into labor.  
The date:  7/7/57
The time:  1:07 PM
The weight:  7 lbs 7 oz

My life has been full of laughter, laziness, loving, loneliness, and
I've always loved this picture.  I don't even know why.  Maybe it reminds me of times when life was carefree.  Or it could be just the randomness of it.  "Dazee, go stand in front of the fridge, I want to get a picture of you". Look at those lovely locks.  I have been cursed blessed with naturally curly hair.  At times in my life I hated it.  

Here I am at maybe age 2.  I'm looking rather uninterested.  But I'm rocking a cute coat and shoes.

I lost many teeth.  
I've lost weight and gained it back
I've given LIFE to 3  wonderful children
I've laughed till I cried
And cried when I felt like I was losing my dreams

Yes, I'm 54 years old today, but I'm still on my journey of having these later years of my life be mine.  
And I'm

Jenny Matlock

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