Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh Say Can You See

Jenny Matlock

Our dear Jenny has done it again.  Given us a prompt that makes me say, "maybe I won't do this one".  As you can see, I did.  Dang you Jenny, dang you.

The prompt is in blue.  

Oh say can you see, words written long ago.  To the writer, they were the feelings of his heart at that time in history.

What do we see in our history in the making.   Unrest, people not wanting to get along, I’m better than you, your politics are wrong, your religion is wrong, your sexual orientation is wrong, your race is wrong.  

Nobody, I repeat, nobody, has the right to tell you they are a better person than you are.  I might not agree with your ways of life, but they are yours.

Oh say can you see a better world?  I'm beginning to wonder.

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