Monday, July 18, 2011

So How's Your Summer, Or Winter (Sorry Gillian) Going?

I've been kind of busy the last 5 days.  Nothing earth shattering.  Just some non-normal stuff.  Being that I am the ever camera at my beck and call girl, I got some cool things to show you.  Ok, they are cool to me. 

First up
How cool is this.  We called in a Chinese take out order and this is how it was written up.  Can you read it?
It is from David's Kitchen here in Salt Lake.  
The first item on the ticket is the best freaking pot stickers ever!!!! 
The next item is Mongolian beef
The last item is house lo mein.  
It was a party in the mouth I tell ya. 

It was the bosses birthday last week.  Being that we employees are so cool, we decorated up his office.
His door
We filled it with balloons and put post it notes on the back wall
His present.  Oh yeah, we had the baker add a tramp stamp with his name on it.  Cuz we're cool like that.

 In the boys will be boys department
Male employee 1 wanting to take a bite out of crime
Male employee 2 doing something he must be used to
It was a fun day.  His wife came in and promptly told him, that might be the only piece of ... you get today.  :)  (TMI, I know, but hell, you should work there)

It's Parade of Homes time once again.  I have to say, the coolest house was actually built in the part of the valley that I live.  Just a hop, skip and a jump away. 
 It was built after the likeness of the house in in the movie UP.

I forced asked Mr. Dazee kindly if we could do a drive by so I could snap some photos.   He complained all the way  answered nicely that he would love to.  
There were tons of people there doing the same thing. 
I really wanted to go inside, but they are keeping it closed till the Parade of Homes starts, and then it will cost money to see it.  Dang.

And now I must be off.  Another fun filled week of work is calling my name.

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