Monday, October 31, 2011

Sounds I Don't Like And A Winner

We have a winner of the Caption This Photo contest.

Congrats to Renee, at Renee's Ramblings.  Her caption was the top vote getter.  Be expecting a little something in your mailbox soon.

Oh, and yes, this photo with the caption will be hanging on the wall of shame at work.


Now, onto to something I have stolen yet again.  

LL Cool Joe at Joey's Pad did this on his blog the other day.   He had a list of sounds that he didn't like.  What a cool thing.  I have some of those, so lucky you, as you about to enter,
 sounds that are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

People Clipping Their Nails 
Not like in the privacy of their own home.  Like at church, or at work.  Drives.....Me......Nuts.........
Gives me that whole ick feeling.   Not to mention, it makes my stomach roll if I see a clipped nail on the floor.  (covers mouth to keep in barf)

The Yapping Dog That Lives At Least 2 Blocks Away From Me
This dog lives a good two blocks north, across a busy street, from the park that I took photos of for my playground post.  I can hear him from my front yard.  Not to mention, whenever a new car goes to the park, yappity-yap-yap.  He's about to get his yapper fixed, and not necessarily in a good way.

The Pitch Of The Sound A Floor Heater Makes
There is a certain pitch of sound that sends me over the edge.  Floor heaters are not the only thing that make this sound.  I start grinding my teeth, and get all antsy.  Yeah, wouldn't take much to make me tell all if I was being interrogated.

Heavy Metal Noise Music
You might as well just hit me over the head with a bat, because whomever decided this was "music" is having a really bad day.  

Train Whistles, Horns, Or Whatever They Are Called
I work by a switching station.  Lucky me.  Some days I'm about to shoot a train or two.  
Toooooooooot, Tooooooooot, Toot, Toooooooooot.  
In train language that means, I'm coming to an intersection, be warned.  I tell you who needs to be warned.  Some of those engineers that have a fetish for tooting their horns.  Yeah, I got that you are getting the the intersection, 5 FREAKING REPETITIONS ago.  

I think I better stop now.  Just thinking about some of these are making me need a really nice cup of coffee, and good book, and seclusion.  AAHH, I love the sound of that.

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