Friday, May 14, 2010

Coffee, Good To The Last Drop

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Coffee!! Give me a nice cup of coffee, with my favorite Coconut Cream creamer, or the Carmel Machiatto creamer, and I am in 7th heaven. Don't even try to talk to me before I have my first cup. Yes, it's true. First cup. This statement will shock and daze my family members. I usually have 2 cups of coffee in the morning. I have become a person of the free world. A NORMAL, person. Anyway, moving on.

There is nothing better than the smell of coffee brewing. I also have a very strong sense of smell. Which, if there is a poopy diaper around, I can smell it a mile away. So sometimes its not a good sense. But coffee brewing. AAAAAHHHHHH. I even love going down the coffee aisle at the grocery store.

But the reason I was bringing up the smell of coffee, and how good it is, (and if you have a weak stomach, DO NOT READ ON), is it does smell good, To The Last Drop.

After savoring down 2 cups of coffee, what is the next natural reaction your body says you need to do? You are right. You have to pee it out. Have you ever noticed the smell of your pee when you've been sippin the brew? Oh, My. It even smells good, TO THE LAST DROP!!!!!!

Gotta go now, in more ways than one!

PS: Go read this blog. Imagine while you are reading it, the cool accent of a southern gentleman. His post this morning totally cracked me up!!!! He is very, very new to the blogging world, and Angie, he even said "bless your heart", when I told him I was putting his link on my blog. Bless my Heart. I feel so special.


  1. DITTO!!!!!!!!! Same goes for me for EVERYTHING you said. :)

  2. I get my sense of smell from you, and it is a curse when I live with an untrained potty girl, 2 stinky boys, and a doggie!

    I bought Dunken Dounuts French Vanilla and brewed it last night-it is so good! Hardly have to use the coffee creamer in it!

    Coffee causes mine and Dave's bowels to twist and no, that does not smell good to the last drop. :)

  3. Haha we have another thing in common! I LOVE my coconut creamer! I NEED my 1st cup of coffee for the ability to function. I can't say that I've noticed my pee smelling like coffee though... I do notice my pee smells like Cheerio's sometimes, don't know why since I rarely eat them! WEIRD.

  4. hey dd youve been awarded a bloggers award when you get time go to my blog for info! Thank you for mine....have a great wkend (-;

  5. That is so true! Youngest Daughter and I were at a scrapbooking convention recently in adjacent stalls in the ladies room and I said, "Hey, it smells like Starbucks in here." Can't imagine why she was grossed out!!!

    And how about coffee perking out in the open air. I'm not into camping, but I might go for the campfire coffee!

  6. jayaycee. that is hilarious about you saying that out loud. what us mothers won't say, that will embarrass our kids. :)

  7. enjoying a french pressed cup right now. thanks for the bloglink.