Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother Nature Has PMS!

Mother Nature is on a rampage. Honestly, isn't today's date May 2, 2010? When I woke up this morning and looked out the window, ok, I don't have to really look out the window. From the vantage point of my toilet, I can see what the weather is like from the roof next door. Imagine my horror when I saw snow on their roof.

Its a freaking winter wonderland! Good thing my phone is with me at all times because I had to take "proof" of mother nature and her mood of the day. Yes, these pictures are from this morning 7:00 AM MST.

Dear Mother Nature. I am going to find you. I'm going to bundle up in all my snow gear today and TRACK YOU DOWN. You are going down sister. I don't know who has pissed you off, but really, do you need to take it out on the rest of us? Is it Father Time. Is it Uncle Wind? Aunt Flo? Really, get over it. We have things that need to get done outside. It is May 2nd!! I WILL FIND YOU AND HURT YOU!!! Signed, Dazee Dreamer

Now, where did I put my winter clothes?


  1. holy crap! >__>

    if i have to see snow again, i'll pull my hair out...literally this time.

  2. EEKS. I love snow, but not in May! We had it here once on May 6! I remember it well, it was my brothers birthday, and also a day I had a garage sale, and froze my ass off!

    So would you be mad if I told it is 60 here now, and sunny...supposed to get to 73 :) You can come visit if you'd like.

  3. Renee, you are so cruel yet kind at the same time. One day maybe me and Mindi will jump on a plane and head your way. :)

    Anon, please no pulling your hair out. You need all the brain power you can get this week :)

  4. Yeah....what is her problem?! We don't have snow here but it is VERY windy and cold. BLAH! I think it was Aunt Flo that made her mad...... he he he he. :)

  5. ha! Love this!

    Thankfully, with the kids sleeping over at Ohma's and Poppi's last night Dave and I could actually sleep in and not see it this morning! It's 11:35 and it's melted. So you should start sleeping in on the weekends to not see that white crap! :)

  6. PS: Yes, I think a trip out to meet and play with Renee is on the menu!! :)

  7. No way!! We had storms last night, and yes I was out driving around in them like a crazy person, but snow!!!!

  8. I'm game whenever you girls are :)