Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Didn't Get The Memo

Apparently when we moved into our new home in February, we were not given the memo about morning joggers, walkers, and bike riders. I'm sure I would have remembered reading it. I can imagine it would go something like this.

Welcome to our little town of Herriman. We are all fit here. You will be required to take up the follwing activities. You must jog. At least every other morning. The opposite days, you will be required to walk. And on a special occasion of your choosing, you may ride a bike. You may do this in groups, or alone. You may use this time to walk your dogs. You will own the road. You will rule the land.

Honestly, this morning alone I must have seen 25 different people obeying the law of the city. I was dodging them left and right. I felt out of place in my car. I have lived in a few different cities around town and have never seen as many people out being healthy as in our own little city.

I refuse to obey the rule. Remember, I didn't get the memo. I'm up and down walking around my work all day long. That counts, right? But this picture is like one I have never seen before. I was totally blown away. Fitness chick was jogging with her 2 dogs. Not one, 2, and she had something I have never seen before. (now all you dog people might own said contraptrion but it was new to me.
I say this is taking your jogging a little too serious. (stop rolling your eyes at me, I can see you, you know). She's just lucky I didn't plow my car into her while I was looking long and hard at what the hell she had going on.

Now, I have to go. I hear a donut calling my name.


  1. Haha agreed. Why would anyone WANT to run? Stresses me out just thinking about it. Hey, pass the donuts!

  2. Oh dear oh dear. I see these in my neighborhood all the time. Sometimes I wonder about the people with 2 or more dogs attached to their waists. What if one dog wants to go one way and they other one another way? And the third dog? What happens to him? The owner? Hm? Then what? Bloody mess I think. I could never have done this with my god, I mean dog. He would have dragged me behind him getting a major road rash while he was off chasing something. Maybe this is why we didn't start taking walks until late in his life when he was semi deaf, semi blind and arthritic. Still we never went for a walk before 11 pm. Safer that way. Oh, and I held the leash in my hand.

  3. You forgot the horseback riders!! They have their own trail here and everything! I love it here! Laur, Dave and I are planning on running lots-Plus we have met a lot of other people walking their dog while we take Arya for her walk. Yes, I agree that Herriman is the place to be if you want to get out and burn some calories! I'll still take a donut though! ;)

  4. I get off duty at 6 am and there are so many joggers on the road they hog up the whole street! Its really annoying when they are blocking the driveway to my donut store! sheesh!