Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House is My Hero

Do you watch House? My sister Margaret turned me on to the show. "He reminds me of you" she said. So of course I had to check it out. I fell in love with the show the moment I watched it.

Why am I blogging about him today. Because, I wish I really were more like him. I wish I could just blurt out all the mean and rotten things he says to his patients, to the people that are really bugging me. What keeps me from doing it. Probably that little thing call compassion. I don't want to hurt people's feelings. Most the time to the detriment of me.

Like the other day, me and the hubs were at the local Big Lots and there was a lady all dressed up with her 2 daughters there. One of the girls wanted a barbie looking doll. This mother was all up in her face (and she was just little like 3-4) "you know I don't like what barbie represents, you can not have that doll". I wanted to just go up to her and say, listen, she's freaking 3, she doesn't care what she "represents", she just wants to play with her. And it was the tone in her voice, all "holier than thou". Wanted to just outright tell her, "what crawled up you and died".

Or how about the lady at the grocery store with her 3 under age 10 boys. The boys were pushing the cart, being boys, and she is yelling at them. But you know what. She is freaking texting the whole time she is shopping! First of all, I felt sorry for the boys, because if she is that bitchy in public, how bad is it at home. Wanted to go up to her and say, "maybe you should worry more about your groceries and kids, than what the hell is happening on your phone"!!!!!!

House would have done that. I know he would have. Do I need to get braver? Or, as my husband says, just stay out of it. Poor guy, he is the one that gets all my complaining after we get in the car and are headed home.

But if you watch the show, you also know that he has a heart of gold. Like the one where he was doing surgery on a baby inuteral, and the little teeny tiny hand grabbed his finger. You could tell he was touched in his eyes. Cried my eyes out on that episode. I finally figured out that it is his coping mechanism. Be blunt. He is blunter than I. But I guess I must be somewhat blunt if my sister is saying I remind her of him. I will speak my mind about anything that hurts my kids, grandkids, or husband. Even if it is extended family members. I don't hold back.

The only thing that would make that show better? I wish he could just use his english accent on the show. Wow, he is hot when he talks in his native tongue. :)


  1. I need to watch that show sometime, never seen it.

    I've seen moms like that in the store too-always feel bad for the kids. Then I too, have been 'that mom' totally irratable pretty much in their face telling them they can't have a donut because they are behaving badly at the store. Maybe it's a bad day? Who knows but I know others might have looked at me and thought the same thing, "Poor kids!"

    Anyways, I just want to say that you have a great love for kids. You see one that wants a Barbie and you would buy it for them, without even knowing them! Even after your kids are grown you still love them like they are 2 yrs old! Protecting them with your mother bear ways. You are the best mom ever! Just know though, speaking for myself here, that I let my pains go. And I don't want you to hold on to ANY of them at all. I'm actually pretty darn happy and grateful with the way life is treating me lately! And I want you to feel the same! No more worries/stresses/down in the dumps. You deserve a hell of a lot better Mom! It's not healthy. Happy thoughts! I'm here if you need to talk!

    ANYWAYS! Sorry, long winded this time! I love you! XOXO

  2. I think Hugh Laurie is hot too. Especially when he uses his own accent. He's a real crankypants as House though. I can't watch it anymore. Depresses me. I don't think you are like that.

  3. Thanks Mindi. There is a difference with telling your kids no in a mean mom voice once in a while at the store, but we had the priviledge of following this lady on every aisle of the store. I wanted to yank that phone right out of her hand. She was mean the whole time. And you have me pegged. I would have totally bought that doll for that little girl. :)

  4. i always like think that the inspiration for the character of house came from sherlock holmes