Sunday, May 30, 2010

F.O. Sunday

F.O. , as per the Dazee Dreamer Dictionary, (adj)........ Food Orgasm

I've decided to get brave and see if anyone will follow along on my meme. I'm going to be doing it every sunday. Your pictures can be from anything during the week. Or multiple pictures. Or that awesome ice cream you got at Cold Stone Creamery. :) Grab my button, and join along.

I'm calling it F.O. Sunday. It can be a picture of anything you have made this week, (or this week, my daughter made us for dinner) that was so totally amazing that you, had a FO. Got it. I would love you to play along.

Steak skewers, teriyaki chicken skewers (plus vegies) and pineapple skewers.

Oh yeah, it was a party in the mouth.

Now join in the fun.


  1. I wish I had a F.O. to add to this linky, but no F.O.'s in Renee land lately :( I'm really due for an F.O....or just an O lol.

  2. hahahaha, oh Renee. You freaking crack me up!

  3. LOL! What a fun idea. I will have to think of something during the week. Those skewers do look really good!

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  5. Good Lord those look FANTASTIC!

  6. What a great idea for a meme! I'll be out of town this week but I will definetly play one of these days!

  7. Sounds awsum! Ill try to play along too! Ok so I want a button, how do I get 1 lol HELP (=