Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Have A Confession

Once upon a time, I was roaming around, feeling sorry for myself, needing to give in to my passion. Oh, the need was so great. I heard from my daughter, about a new place to pick up my love. As I drove to the pick-up point, my mouth was watering with anticipation. My heart was beating wildly. Oh, My, God, there it was. The place. I shyly got out of my car, looked around, and went in the door. What was I to expect. I had never done this before.

Donuts, all kinds of donuts. All flavors of donuts. My obsession. The place is called, BEYOND GLAZE. (check out their website to feast your eyes. But not only do they have donuts, they have the best ever sugar cookies.

I've tried to refrain from this obsession. I've actually gone 3 weeks without stopping. Today, I was having a weak day. I needed to have my secret love. I called and made sure that my sugar would be available after work. I admit, I'm weak. I'm a emotional eater. When things start bothering me, I crave my sugar.

This morning I was thinking about all the injustices in the world. People that kill their 4 year old little boy (see his bruised face here) This was before his mother and stepfather killed him. 2 weeks after his father was forced by a judge to let his mother have him for the summer even tho she had abandoned him.

Husbands that verbally and emotionally abuse their wives. Oh, but they think that it is ok because no one will see the scars. You know what dickheads, I hear their cries of pain as they are asking me what they have done to deserve this. Was it something that their church preached, was it growing up with the same kind of father. Are men the almighty over women. HELL NO!!! I thank god everyday that my husband is the kind soul that he is. I know he gets tired of me telling him how much I love him all the time, especially when I'm talking about how awful some men are.

Working with people that outright lie to your face and turn around and make you look like a dumb woman behind your back.

Yes, all these things were bothering me this morning. So yes, I gave into my obsession. I went in search of something that would give me 5 minutes of pleasure. Because I'm sure that later I will be having acid reflux to show me the error of my ways. But you know what? I'm sure I will be forgiven. I know deep down I'm a good person, and my sin of giving into my craving will be ok.

Sometimes I would like my life to be like a fairytale. Where there are unicorns and rainbows, and the bad people in the end are evaporated to an unknown place. But as long as I have my sugar obsession, I will live happily ever after.


  1. You are one of the most caring people on this planet! So much so that you take your loved ones pain onto yourself. (I think I've always told you that though! :) Don't let the ways of the world eat you up. (Coming from me right?!) But I've been learning lately to let go, and it is a freeing feeling! I still reach for my cookies though to (right now it's the no bake kind I crave!) Hang in there Mom!

  2. Thanks. I loved your no bake cookies (hint hint :) ) I'd gladly trade a sugar cookie for a no bake. :)

  3. DEAL! I'm so gonna make some tomorrow now! haha! :)

  4. Hi Dazee!
    I've got a serious weakness for donuts. My fav- chocolate glazed and/or chocolate old-fashioned. I hold off for as long as I can, but if its been a rough night at work, I will stop at Maple Leaf Donuts. On my way home from work (I work mids) I see how long I can let it sit on the car seat next to me til I can't stand it anymore! Then I eat it piece by piece and enjoy every minute! Gotta do it sometimes!

  5. Mmmmmmm...donuts!! Weak men abuse women...infuriating!

  6. Mary, I actually cut or break my donuts into bite size pieces so I can enjoy them a lot longer.

    Angie, I know, I really would like to take all those men that are that way and hurt them in ways that they don't even know of and wouldn't be able to handle.!!

  7. If a little sugar obsession is your worst vice, you, my sweets lovin' friend, will be going straight to heaven -- which is filled, by the way, with those donuts and sugar cookies. I will see you there!!!