Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Rug Is Out To Trip Me

So, yesterday, on one of my posts-it, I mentioned the rug was out to get me. There are 2 rugs in the office area. One is leading in from the counter area. That was the rug I was speaking of. The other day, it jumped out and tripped me 2 freaking times. Damn rug. But alas, this little blog is about the bigger rug that is just inside the door as you enter into the building.

So a couple of months ago, I was on my way to my diabetes quarterly doctor appointment. Went to the restroom, grabbed my purse, and was headed out, when the rug, exhibit A, marked "The Culprit" jumped up and tripped me. Notice the little ripple marks in the rug. Remember said ripples for later. Now, this "trip" was not your little run of the mill trip. This rug (well, not this one, but it's brother), was out to get me. I went flying, towards the front door, which it nothing but door frame and glass. Notice exhibit B.

I'm freaking out by this time. "no, no, no" I'm saying as I'm falling, I reach out my hand trying to catch the door where you push it open because I see flying glass in my mind. I do get most of the door open, by my left shoulder runs smack dab into the door jamb. Jarred my body something good, threw me to the floor. My purse flying, cell phone out of reach. Most of the time, there is a guy or two in the office area. In one respect, I was glad there wasn't anyone in the office, as I was feeling rather stupid. But then, I couldn't breath, I couldn't move, I couldn't reach my phone. I was saying out loud "help me, help me". But alas, not even a customer decided to show up at that time. There I am laying with half my body out the door, and the other half in. I finally get breathing right again, pull myself up, start out to my car, call my son (who works here also), tell him I just fell. He comes sprinting outside, but I have already pulled out of the parking lot.

I get to my doctor, my blood pressure is good, which is very surprising since I'm still in pain, and tell her what happened. She did the once over on me and told me to watch myself because, you know, being diabetic and all, you have to be very careful about everything on your body. I get back to work, spit on the door as I come in, and start to work, with everyone all of the sudden concerned because my son had spread the good word.
This is one of the results. I am usually not a bruiser so I know that I hit very hard. I bruised on other parts of my body too, but I didn't take pictures of those, because it was in the boob area, and, well, you know, not taking pictures of that part of my body.
Now, back to the rug. The next day just happened to be the day the rug dude was supposed to come in. I was ready to ream him a new one. Was going to tell him I was going to sue the company. Yeah, I was pissed. But guess what? My regular guy was out that day, so some other dude came. Took the air right out of that yelling balloon, I tell ya. But I did tell him, showed him the bruise, and asked him what he was going to do about it. :) He told me that when they wash the rugs, they go through this process, wash go on roller thingys, get rolled up. If they are older rugs, then they don't roll flat. I told them they needed to make sure we don't get the divited rugs anymore. As you can tell, they listen real well, because I just took the picture of the rug this morning.

All I can say is, WATCH OUT FOR THE RUGS. They really are out to get ya!


  1. Yikes! That bruise looks painful. I think the rug needs to go! Have the company give you guys a rubber mat type of thing or something...there has to be something they can do. After all, what happens if a customer trips and gets hurt on it? Can you say lawsuit?? I hope your bruise clears up quickly. Hmm I think you need some R&R, pack up Mindi and come visit me in IL :)

  2. Oh my heck...that looks like it hurts!!!!! I'm sorry the evil rugs are out to get you. :( I loved that you spit on the door when you came back into work! He he he. Totally cracks me up! I would just try to walk around the rugs until they get some decent ones in there. Better to be safe than sorry. Or tape a "Beware of rug" sign on it. lol

  3. Better not happen again!

    And some R&R is much needed in IL and Idaho!! :)

  4. Damn girl lol thats a nasty bruise! If the culprit looks worse than the brothers youd have to walk up and over it like someone in wadders lifting legs high and trying to gain distance lol next time (if there is) just lay there till the boss shows up.....let him/her call an ambulance that you will surely need,let the co. baby you,give you a raise,buy your lunch?! WHY, because they will be so grateful it was YOU laying there and NOT a customer! your much cheaper than a customer lol dont forget to ASK FOR A MINIMUM OF 6WK VACATION for your mental suffering........Im tring to help a sister out lol

  5. hehehe, thanks. I should have thought of all of that before. All I got was a "sorry". You crack me up!!