Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fracks Awards and Shoes

The first half of the year is over.  Can you believe how fast it went.  Ok, maybe not for some of you, but for me, yeah.  way fast.

Christy and Boobies, partners in crime meme's, give me, and you, the opportunity to give your loving finger awards, every Friday,  to those that deserve them.  Thanks girls.

A big ole frack award goes to the guys I work with that continue to drop peanuts on the floor and walk off.  All the while, an invasion occurs.  The royal army of ants attack.  I understand, we all drop stuff.  But when you see a big pile of moving blackness, please don't just point it out and walk on by.  I know, it's soooo scary to grab a paper towel and grab the pile.  Sissys.

The only other frack award I have this week is for those who use the old "I'll compromise if you compromise" statement.  Yeah, what did you compromise dude?  That you wouldn't leave her because you were bugged by a teeny, tiny, toe tattoo, if she had it lasered off.  Wow, I guess I would be in a heap of trouble if you were my husband.  

Onward and Upward, A Daft Scots Lass hosts the lovely shoegasm segment of our Friday fun.  Thanks Dafty.
A Daft Scots Lass

Last weekend, Mr. Dazee and I went to Kohl's, to see a man about, oh wait, no we didn't, we went to see if we could find a pair of crocs from Mr C.  Do you know that size 13 boys crocs are on the protected from the public list.  Yeah, we can find any other boys size EVERYWHERE, but that extinct size 13.  Rant over.  Maybe it should get a frack award.  Yeah, frack you size 13 boys crocs. :)

Anycroclater, I came upon some shoes that were so awesome, that I pulled out my camera that inspired the "Don't Leave Home Without It" commerical, (I did, really) (ok, maybe not). 

 I digress, here is what I found

Rawrrrrr.  Purrfect for a night out on the town.

Ohhh, sparkley, like champagne, or princesses, or unicorns........... 

Mr. Dazee kindly informed me that he is never going to the shoe department with me again.  Silly boy.

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