Friday, May 6, 2011

3 Generation Birthday

Today is a big celebration in our family. 58 years ago, Mr. Dazee was born. All I know of his story is that he was a bouncing baby boy. His parents both passed away when he was young so I never got a chance to hear his birth story. I was robbed people, robbed.  I do think he was a cute baby!

30 years later found me pregnant with my second child. As with all my olden day, had to walk up the hill both ways to school in the snow, stories, they didn't do ultrasounds unless they thought you were going to have twins.  That means, we really didn't have a down to the day idea when our babies were due.  I know, hard to believe for all you young'uns.  Therefore we also didn't know if the monstrosity in my body was going to be a boy or a girl. I was due at the end of May. But, lucky me, I got toxemia. Bed rest for a few days, and then, "we are going to induce you because your baby is big enough and you are only 2 weeks away from your due date". I reported to the hospital on May 5th. My second child to be induced without the benefit of an epidural. I am one lucky woman. Things were moving slowly. Then the nurse came in to check me, jumps back and exclaims, "oh my gosh, I'm shaking hands with your baby". Yup, baby number 2's hand had dropped down into the birth canal. Joyous rapture.  My doctor comes in and says, "this is going to hurt a little" (spoken like a man never having gone through any kind of birth process). It hurt like hell!  But he got the arm and hand back where it needed to go. Many more hours, and a new day later, they finally wheel me into the delivery room. Baby is being delivered and all of the sudden my doctor is freaking out. He was usually such a soft spoken, never get mad kind of guy, but he was livid. The cord was wrapped twice around my son's neck. "Why wasn't this showing on the machines" he was yelling at the nurses. They said, "well his oxygen level dropped slightly whenever she had a contraction, but not enough to alarm us". I truly think that he dropped his hand down in the birth canal to say, "stop, stop, Houston we have a problem".  It wasn't until after everything had settled down, that I said to my doctor. I just gave my husband the best birthday present ever. His first son.  (corny I know, but hey, I just gave birth, give me a break)

Fast forward 21 years. My daughter is now pregnant with her second child. We know it is going to be a boy because being pregnant is so much better these days. She is due in May. Her doctor decides to induce her. He goes out of the exam room to schedule the induction, comes back and says, "I've just scheduled your day at the hospital to be May 6th". What the? She doesn't say anything to her doctor. The morning of May 6th arrives and they drop off her daughter to us, are headed out the door to the hospital and my daughter says, I'm having labor pains. My daughter is one of those lucky women that have very fast labors. Approximately 6 hours after she drops off her daughter to us, my first grandson comes wailing into the world. Yes wailing. He was crying before he was all the way born. We go in to see them and my daughter says, happy birthday dad.

Here are all 3 boys a few years ago. It is so awesome to have our birthday dinner and celebrate 3 birthdays on the same day. (Even tho, it can get a little expensive).

Insert you humming in your head the Twilight Zone music, du-du-du-du...du-du-du-du.  My husband was the 2nd child, 1st boy in his family. My son was the 2nd child, first boy in our family. My grandson was the 2nd child, first boy in his family. Even tho both my son and grandson were "induced", the doctors had no idea about the date before hand. 

Happy Birthday to 3 of my favorite guys. 
Now, where's the cake :)


  1. After that story, I will make you a cake! Wow!


  2. What a great post. I hope they all have a great birthday!

  3. Seriously? "This is going to hurt a little???" Is it wrong for me to wish that this doc has hemorrhoids, gallstones, kidney stones and craps a watermelon all at the same time? What an awesome story, though ... three generations on the same day!

  4. That's so cool! Gives me goosebumps! Happy Born Naked day...a wee bit late :o)

  5. May 6 was a busy day :) My brother was also born on that day. He was the 2nd child 2nd boy. Great birthing stories :)

  6. I don't know how I missed this yesterday, but that's pretty cool. Well, besides the part about the appendage coming out...:) I hope everyone had a good birthday!!