Monday, May 2, 2011

This Fairytale We Call Life

Once, in a land far away, lived a girl.  She was very gullible.  If someone told her that "this" is the truth, she believed it.  She always followed what others told her to do.  Then one day, she decided to question a lot of things. 

One of the first things that she questioned was a thing called Free Agency.  This was something she learned in her church.   She was taught that we all had to choice to do what we wanted, either good or bad.  Sounds good, doesn't it.  Don't question it, she was always told, even to this day.  Ok, lets look at this for sec.

A child is brought into this world by loving parents.  But what if the parents aren't loving.  What if they abuse the child, sometimes to death.  Did those parents have the choice to do that.  Yes they did.  Did the child have the choice to be hurt, NO.  Their agency was taken away.  But Dazee, don't question it.  It's life.

A person that you know and is related, decides that you are young enough to do as they say.  You, being a child, are taught to "obey your elders".  But what if that "elder" wants to make you do things you don't want to do.  You keep fighting with them, telling them no.  But they finally talk you into it.  Years later, no one even knows about it.   Has the person ever been made to pay for what they did.  NO.  But they sure had their agency to do it. 

Then there is the physical, sexual, emotional and verbal abuse that is so rampant in our world.  Oh yes, they have their "agency" to do it.  Apparently you have your "agency" to take it or leave.  But having talked to many women who have been abused, they are beaten down, made to feel like they are worth nothing.  "You are so stupid, you couldn't make it without me!"  Was it because they were made to feel like nothing as they were growing up?  Not given their wings to fly and made to feel good about themselves?  Could be. 

Its time for us to stand up and yell, "I am a worthwhile person, and I'm not going to take your shit anymore".  We need to be there for those in these situations.  Not just tell them to "leave".  A child can't just leave.  A person that has been told for years and years that they are worthless, can't see themselves leaving either.  It makes me sick to my stomach. 

One last thing.  Thank you, American Service Men and Women and President Obama for giving the order to finally get rid of yet another piece of slime.
According to news reports, he shielded himself by putting a woman in front of him.  What a loser.  Yet another form of abuse.  Good bye you piece of crap and good riddance.

May those affected terribly by the events of 9-11 be comforted in one small way today.