Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Special Wednesday Dear Letter

Dear Stupid Ass Pediatrician
How did you graduate?  At the bottom of your class most likely.  How can you diagnose a 3-1/2 year old with pneumonia, prescribe antibiotics and not schedule a visit to see if it is working.  Better yet, how can the 7 year old brother have a well visit, 3-1/2 year old is in the room coughing, that you just saw on Friday, and YOU DIDN'T EVEN LISTEN TO HER CHEST!!!
Thank goodness yesterday was your day off.  Thank goodness her mother had the "mothers gut feelings" going yesterday and called.  Thank goodness the pediatrician she saw today has more on the ball.  Thank goodness my grandchildren are going to have the doctor seen yesterday as their new primary care doctor.
You see, dear worthless doctor.  Because you didn't check, Miss A had to have an albuteral treatment, then another chest x-ray.  Guess what?  Her pneumonia has moved, started going into her other lung, and parts of her lung were starting to collapse.   Even the nurse who was checking her in was concerned enough that she went into the room that the doctor was in and told him he had to see Miss A immediately.  Oxygen level is borderline.  She was almost admitted to the children's hospital.  Phone calls were already made to the on-call doctor in case her parents needed to take her in overnight. 
Dear Doctor that Saw Miss A Yesterday
Thank you for trying to get to the bottom of the problem.   I'm not sure I'm excited about the diagnosis of Asthma, but at least we know what she is up against. 
What is up with this Asthma crap?  My cute little Miss O was diagnosed with the same thing this past winter.  I know that Mr Dazee has it.  I guess he wanted to share the joy with 2 of his granddaughters. 
Dear Stinking Rotten Never Ending Winter
Would you freaking end already.  Constant snow, and now rain since November is not letting the bad air out into the atmosphere.  We need some warm temps.  High 40's to low 50's does not constitute spring.  GO AWAY!! I beg of you.
Rant over.


  1. Ugh Asthma can often be a catch all diagnosis when breathing issues are resolved. They attempted to label 2 of my boys with it. Breathing treatments being used does not constitute asthma. With all that rain and snow it is a very likely possibility they have allergies that may manifest as asthma like at their peak. My first guess would be mold or mildew, and that is not saying the house is dirty. But consistent dampness leads to much of it under houses and in the insulation of the house, being consistently passed around through the duct work. I would not overlook seeing an allergist hun

  2. Still Winter weather there? I'm so so sorry.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. @Angel. My rant is more about not worrying about the pneumonia. But no, our house is very clean. We have no doubt there is allergies contributing. They run in the family. So does asthma.

    @Mark. Yes, it is the neverending crappy weather here. Thanks for your concern

  4. What's up with the pneumonia this year? Kamry had it too!

  5. Sorry your grandbabies are ill. I'll send some healing vibes their direction. As far as spring goes, feel free to come on down. It was 93 yesterday. I have spring to share.

  6. Oh, that's so painful when the little ones don't feel well. And especially dealing with medical practitioners that aren't paying attention! I'd be writing a scathing letter to the medical board to (as my Hubby always says so sweetly) "share my experience" with them. Hope they get feeling better fast!!!

  7. Oh Lord. Incompetent doctors have had me raving a few times myself. You put your faith and trust in the supposed 'expert' with the diplomas on the wall, only to find out that the jerk has no more going for him or her than an over-inflated ego. grrrr....

    Then, to top it all off, they make you PAY for their 'expert' opinion!

    THEN... you have to take even more time, money, and emotional pain to go through more tests to find out what you SHOULD have found out the first time!

    I feel for ya. I hope your little family feels better soon. My family has allergies and asthma. It's a struggle sometimes, but knowing what it is makes it easier to handle.

    Plus, firing an incompetent doctor makes everybody feel better!

  8. Oh wow, that sucks. I'm sorry. And I hate asthma. Stupid people.

  9. Oh my goodness...
    That is awful Dazee. So terribly awful. I am so glad that you all took her back and got a "real" doctor who actually listens to your concerns.
    I hope that she is on the mend now.
    Sending love and hugs and healing fairy dust xoxo