Saturday, May 7, 2011

It Begins With Me

Jenny Matlock
Saturday Centus time.  This weeks prompt by Jenny was kind of a hard one for me.  But, I was up for the challenge.  I just hope I don't lose followers because of it.  As I am so boring, the prompt is always in blue.
It Begins With Me.
I'd like to teach the world to sing, the song keeps playing through my head.

I have lost faith in the world. So much hatred. The constant bickering of people back and forth, not stopping to realize that we all share the space we are in. “No, my way is right, yours is wrong”. “This is my land, No it’s mine”.

It’s time to live in harmony. This is my plea. The one-up-manship has got to end. The hatred of others because of their race, religion, or political status needs to begin somewhere, one person at a time.

I vow to have it begin with me.
Jenny says we can't use pictures (unless she gives us weird ones).  I didn't use a picture, but instead I'm putting the song itself as part of my post. 
Just remember, one person at a time.  That's all it takes.


  1. Great job! I always guessed that you had a big ole bleeding heart!

  2. And sadly the hatred doesn't just stop at race, religion and politics. We live in a broken world for sure.

    Nice post. :)

  3. It's a beautiful sentiment. :)

    I didn't know the phrase was part of a song already. Thanks!

  4. I am new to this meme...just started last week.

    I love your post. SO true!!! And SO my heart as well.

    And, to Amanda, that phrase wasn't just part of a song. It was the advertising jingle for Coke back in the early 70's. I think the jingle came first, and it was such a hit, that the remainder of the song was written. I could be wrong on that, but I think that's how it went. But, FOR SURE, it was the Coke advertisement back then.(I guess I'm showing my age here.)

  5. I, too, wish we could turn things in a different direction...

    Never say never, right?


    PS. I messed up on posting my link this week, so here it is:
    A Vocal Vocation

  6. I always liked that song as well. Does this mean you're stopping Flip off Fridays? I'm gonna miss those.

  7. I think we can repair this broken world, though at times it does seem impossible!

  8. Great job !

    I pray daily that there is more tolerance, kindness and peace in this beautiful world of ours and it's so true that it starts with the individual !

  9. This was a great post and No You Are NOT Boring!!!! Now no more of that nonsense. Hugs!~Ames

  10. I so agree with you ... it is a dream .... i just try to do my little bit ... one comment, on word, one act at a time ... and at the end of the day the world has changed ... just a bit ... but it's worth it for sure!!!

  11. I'm with you on this too! Its old...the fighting...always getting in the last word. And for what? Bragging rights? In the big picture does it really matter?

    Happy Mother's Day weekend!


  12. Wanting a world that lives in peace is what all normal people thrive for. Singing brings all people of all faiths and cultures together. Never say your boring when your heart is big for others.

  13. Thanks for the nice comment on my post. We are all searching for the same thing on this earth. I wish we could just get together on it! Great post!!

  14. Love this song and I am so with you all the way on this ... coexisting harmoniously. Wouldn't that be absolute heaven on earth?

  15. I'm with you on this, too:-)

  16. You are so right! I shared a video of this song on Fb too, and it rocked everyone's world, those that listened to was an excellent prompt I think for all of us to carry with us each day....cuz you are right on, it all begins with ME! ;) with all the Me's out there we can all rock our world! For the good!

  17. This post is wonderful, such a good reminder to all of us that there is much work to be done on this planet if we are all to survive.

    Never give up! One by one, we can change the world, but each of us has to be in the game for it to work.

    Impossible? Maybe, but I like to think it can be done.


  18. I've been feeling this almost exact same emotion with the world right now. So much chaos, so much stress, so much inability to accept responsibility.

    This was wonderful.

    I'll be second in line!

  19. Thank you for including the video with the song. I had forgotten that there even was a song. So I wrote my SC-text without giving that song a thought!
    Thanks for your kind words about my text. Sorry I'm late in commenting. I am far behind my character, Sanna, who has already moved to her new apartment, while I am still packing!

    Best wishes,

    For the benefit of others readers:
    Anna's SC-53-Sanna finds her voice

  20. Very well said Ms. Dazee. :) I love it.