Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beware Of My Brain

Scrambled eggs give you really stinky burps

Poop and toilet paper coming up the storm drain outside of work is gross and stinky

White Chocolate Kit Kats are to die for, oh my.....

I don't get the "if I can't have her/him, no one can" mentality

I don't like it when my kids hurt.  It makes me hurt double

I want to make a trip to Kansas

Sure hope the deer enjoy the irish spring soap we put in the trees.  *evil laugh*

There must be a crunched up, side car door, convention going on.  Sure seeing a lot of them on the road

I wonder if there is a good chick flick to see this weekend?

I need gas.  Best go take out a loan

Our one outside sales guy really needs to learn to leave my office when I'm on the phone.  Honestly, dude, I'm going to hurt you

Good thing the women's restroom door has a deadbolt.  The men's restrooms are a bio hazard zone

Having a girls weekend with my friend Machaelle.  Watch out Salt Lake City!


  1. Love it.... I go through this random thought process daily! Especially as I'm driving for some reason:-)

  2. I don't know about needing gas, I have gas. Oh, you are talking about petrol right? I thought you were still referring to the scrambled eggs. ;)

  3. That was pretty darn random. Do you feel better getting all that out??? Have a wonderful girls' weekend, Dazee!!!

  4. I like random thoughts. Matches my thinking.

  5. If you find a good chick flick, let me know.

  6. White chocolate kit kats sound awesome! And toilet paper in the storm drain? Ewwwwww thats shitty work conditions.

    I got some gas for you....ran out of beano. And if you don't find a chick flick I could sing some more and upload videos of it :O)

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  8. Sounds like what I go through... normally as I'm driving for some reason:-)

  9. You must have been in KY with the side doors banged up.. My sister does the eavesdrop on convos thing drives me nuts.

  10. Wow! Those are random thoughts.
    Isn't there a chick flick with Goldie Hawn's daughter? I forget her name but she's stupid. ha! m.

  11. Come to Kansas,, We'll go see the duck!

  12. Ditto on the white kit kats. YUMMO

  13. I love white kit kats. They are the bomb. And gas prices? They stink.